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Stopping Conflicts and Promoting Goodness Uniting the Hearts of Global Citizens - Part 1

Tai Ji Men Shifu and Dizi Creating Cultural Miracles

The opening ceremony of the Taipei 2017 Universiade kicked off by the Tai Ji Formation “Passing on the Torch, Heart to Heart,” performed by Tai Ji Men dizi.

Angels Visit Hungary to Deliver Music of Peace

St. Stephen's Basilica commemorates the Hungarian national hero St. Stephen I. The FOWPAL delegation expressed the hope for peace through harmonious singing.

Spreading the Seeds of Love in Prague: Culture of Peace Surpassing National Boundaries

Ms. Martin Churavý (second left), director of international public relations of Prague City Hall, received the FOWPAL delegation and expressed her gratitude for Dr. Hong’s dedication to promote cultural exchanges and bring people much closer.

Activating the energy in children’s hearts: “Whirlwinds of conscience” sweep across Indian campuses

The FOWPAL delegates visit one City Montessori School (CMS) campus after another, bringing positive whirlwinds of the movement of An Era of Conscience to the campuses.

Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage opens its session in Jeju


International Conference of Chief Justices of the World

Young Generation’s Conscience Creates World Peace

Lin Yu-Chen, a student from the Shih Chien University, joined FOWPAL at the age of 10, she and many others then follows Dr. Hong to promote the Movement of An Era of Conscience and Taxpayer’s Human Rights, during which she received many international friends. All the warm feedbacks or a moment of spiritual exchange had become the moment of eternity.

Attending the International Conference of Chief Justices of the World for the 8th time

FOWPAL receives enthusiastic responses to their promotion of love and peace

The cultural goodwill delegation of FOWPAL performs martial arts at the celebration party.

Chief Justices of the World Convene for Global Peace, Sustainability, and Unity

“Angels of Peace” sang a song titled "The Angle in Your Heart." Their pure and innocent smiles melted the hearts of the justices.

Judges and FOWPAL Volunteers Pay Tribute to Mahatma Gandhi Together

The judges visited the Taj Mahal in India and happily took pictures with the young delegates of FOWPAL, who made hand gestures of “doves.”

The Bell of World Peace and Love Rings Again in India: Six Global Leaders Pray for World Peace

The ceremony of ringing the Bell of World Peace and Love was held during the opening of the 18th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World.Back row from left to right: Rt. Professor Aaron Michael Oquaye, speaker of the Parliament of Ghana; Mrs. Santi Bai Hanoomanjee, speaker of the National Assembly of Mauritius; Dr. Pakalitha B. Mosisili, former prime minister of Lesotho; Mr. Khemraj Ramjattan, vice president of Guyana; Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, president of FOWPAL; Dr. Jagdish Gandhi, convener of the Conference; Mr. Mahiepela Herath, former chief minister of Sabaragamuwa Province, Sri Lank; and Mr. Justice Eboe-Osuji, judge of the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands.