NASA Gets a Rare Look at a Rocky Exoplanet's Surface

This artist's illustration depicts the exoplanet LHS 3844b, which is 1.3 times the mass of Earth and orbits an M dwarf star...

Rocky, Earth-sized exoplanet is missing an atmosphere

Artist’s rendering of the surface of LHS 3844b, a planet that has been found to have no atmosphere....

Physicists design an experiment to pin down the origin of the elements

A new experiment designed by MIT physicists may help to pin down the rate at which huge, massive...

Scientists Observe the Explosion of a Monster Star Requiring New Supernova Mechanism


Automated Observing Network Inaugurated Telescope

SOAR telescope (left) and Gemini Observatory (right) The 4.1-meter SOAR telescope at Cerro Pachón in Chile, is the pathfinder...

Giant impact disrupted Jupiter’s core

An artist’s impression of a collision between young Jupiter and a massive planetary embryo.

Cool Roofs Can Help Shield California’s Cities Against Heat Waves

Aerial view of white roofed homes and streets forming circular patterns; St....

NASA Studies How Arctic Wildfires Change the World

In 2014, megafires in Canada’s Northwest Territories scorched more than 7 million acres of forest, releasing half as...