A Universe Aglow

Deep observations made with the MUSE spectrograph on ESO’s Very Large Telescope have uncovered vast cosmic reservoirs of...

A Galactic Gem

FORS2, an instrument mounted on ESO’s Very Large Telescope, has observed the spiral galaxy NGC 3981 in all its glory. The...

Stars v. Dust in the Carina Nebula

The Carina Nebula, one of the largest and brightest nebulae in the night sky, has been beautifully imaged by ESO’s VISTA...

Elliptical Elegance

A glittering host of galaxies populate this rich image taken with ESO’s VLT Survey Telescope, a state-of-the-art 2.6-m...

More children released from South Sudanese armed groups - UNICEF

More than 100 children were released by two armed groups in South Sudan on Tuesday, bringing the total number released this year to over 900.

Stellar Corpse Reveals Origin of Radioactive Molecules

Astronomers using ALMA and NOEMA have made the first definitive detection of a radioactive molecule in interstellar space....

First Successful Test of Einstein’s General Relativity Near Supermassive Black Hole

Observations made with ESO’s Very Large Telescope have for the first time revealed the effects predicted by Einstein’s...

Supersharp Images from New VLT Adaptive Optics

ESO’s Very Large Telescope (VLT) has achieved first light with a new adaptive optics mode called laser tomography — and has...