New Analysis Of EPA Proposal Reveals It Fails To Protect Children From Coal Ash Pollution And Removes Polluters' Obligation To Immediately Clean Up Spills

A new, close review of the Trump Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) draft plan to gut federal coal ash regulations established in 2015 reveals that it would encourage states to ignore risks to children and remove the requirement that polluters...

Activists call out EU ministers for failing to support renewable energy development


Trump Administration Prepares For Lease Sale In Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

The Trump administration has announced the beginning of a planning process to allow for exploration and leasing in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, barreling forward with plans for destructive oil and gas drilling and disregarding the serious...

Groups File Suit Against JEA, Jacksonville's Electric Utility

Earthjustice filed a legal challenge against JEA, Florida’s largest municipal electric utility, on April 19thbecause it is violating state law by short-changing customers who want to use rooftop solar energy.