Greenpeace activists board Shell oil rigs in protest against plans to leave behind oil in the North Sea

Greenpeace activists from the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark boarded two oil platforms in Shell’s Brent field in a peaceful protest against plans by the company to leave parts of old oil structures with 11,000 tonnes of oil in the North Sea, on...

Mayors from 14 major cities commit to cut meat consumption – Greenpeace response

On October 10, 14 mayors of some of the world’s largest cities, including Paris, Los Angeles, Lima, Tokyo and Seoul, have signed a commitment to become ‘Good Food Cities’, by considerably reducing meat served in their public institutions as part of...

World’s Scientists call on city mayors to reduce meat in public canteens

65 scientists from 11 different countries called on mayors across the globe to reduce meat in their city’s public canteens, in order to tackle the climate emergency.

Dozens Dead after Typhoon Hagibis Hits Central and Eastern Japan

Rescue crews in Japan are digging through mudslides and scouring areas near swollen rivers as they look for victims of Typhoon Hagibis, which left dozens of people dead and caused widspread damage in the country's central and northern regions.