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Splendor 2016 Chinese New Year Gathering in Taipei

The Light of Goodness, 50 Years of Glory

A beauty of traditional Chinese New Year celebration

Tai Ji Men Victory Flag Performance Spreading Positive Energy for the 80th Anniversary and Campus Tour Day of Taiwan’s Army Infantry School to Encourage Both the Soldiers and Civilians to Safeguard the Country

In the stick performance, there are many youths who have joined Tai Ji Men from childhood. They acted uniformly and powerfully and moved all the audiences. The young generations are the new hopes of the society and the country.

Tai Ji Men’s Epic Masterpiece “Back to the Origin” Debuts in the US on 6 Oct

230930_Golden Phoenix_0_0.png
Tai Ji Men's Golden Phoenix and unicorn bring auspicious energy to the world.

22nd Anniversary Celebration of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy Cupertino Wishing all people peace, health, and happiness.


Advocate for World Peace World Conference of Mayors Proclaims the Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze Night

230818_Johnny Ford_0.jpg
During the World Conference of Mayors (WCM) Closing Ceremony, Founder Johnny Ford once again proclaimed September 23, 2022 as "Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze Night".

The Bell of World Peace and Love Rings for the First Time in New Orleans: Spreading Hope for a Better World

230804_promoting love and peace_0.jpg
At the gala, all attendees used the peace dove gesture to convey the positive energy of love, peace, and hope.

Tai Ji Men Nei-Hu Academy 19th Anniversary Leaders from Different Fields Making Good Wishes for a Better Future.

Tai Ji Men Dizis posing for a photo with guests to celebrate the 19th anniversary of Tai Ji Men Nei-Hu Academy.

Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy San Jose Celebrates Its 21st Anniversary

Motivated by love, Tai Ji Men members spread happiness and peace in their communities and around the world

220826_Senator Dave Cortese1_0.jpeg
California State Senator Dave Cortese presented a certificate of recognition to Tai Ji Men for its contributions to people’s physical, mental, and spiritual health in his district and the global promotion of the culture of peace with love and conscience.

Tai Ji Men LA’s Lunar New Year Gathering 2022

“Conscience is the key to a successful life.” ~ Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Zhang-men-ren (grandmaster) of Tai Ji Men

Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy in Los Angeles held a joyful "Lunar New Year Gathering" online on February 20, 2022, featuring festive cultural performances.

The Federation of World Peace and Love Celebrates the International Day of Peace with Love and Conscience

“Conscience is the key to global peace and sustainability.” ~ Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze

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Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, president of the Federation of World Peace and Love, delivers remarks, emphasizing the importance of conscience in achieving peace.