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Central Sahel: Lives of 10 million children on the line as conflict rages

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Children in a displaced persons camp in Mali are receiving support to recover...

Ukraine’s Ammunition Needs in Focus as Defense Allies Meet

The Ukrainian military’s ammunition needs will likely be high on the agenda Wednesday as U.S. defense leaders convene a meeting of defense officials from nearly 50 countries to discuss what Ukraine needs to fight off a Russian invasion.

Blessings from Western Angels and Eastern Immortals: FOWPAL Comforted People’s Hearts with Cultural Exchange

Senida MESI, Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania (2017-2019) rang the bell of world peace and love.

FOWPAL’s Peace Bell Resonates at Gala Dinner of Eurasian Economic Summit in Türkiye to Pray for People Affected by the Earthquakes

Marinko Čavara, deputy speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, center,...