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Britain, Canada Sanction Belarus' Lukashenko, Top Officials

Britain and Canada have imposed sanctions on Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, his son and other top officials for allegedly rigging the country’s presidential election and committing acts of violence against protesters.

WHO Investigating Sexual Abuse Allegations in Congo Ebola Response

The World Health Organization announced Tuesday it would investigate newly released reports of alleged sexual exploitation and abuse against Congolese individuals perpetrated by the WHO’s Ebola aid workers in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Food loss and waste ‘an ethical outrage’, UN chief says on International Day

Fresh fruits and vegetables at a farmers' market in Hungary.

Poland Rejects Letter From Diplomats Urging Tolerance for LGBT People

Polish leaders on Monday rejected suggestions that LGBT people in Poland are facing any kind of discrimination or depravation of rights, following the publication of an open letter from 50 ambassadors and international representatives expressing their...