Stopping Conflicts and Promoting Goodness Uniting the Hearts of Global Citizens - Part 2

Martial Arts Taking the Taipei 2017 Universiade by Storm Tai Ji Formation Winning Global Recognition


The summer Universiade is only second to the Olympic Games. The Taipei 2017 Universiade took place in Taipei, Taiwan, andmore than 140 countries and territoriesparticipated in it. The Taiwanese team has won 26 gold medals, 34 silver medals, and 30 bronze medals, establishing a new record in Taiwan’s history.

On behalf of Taoist organizations, Tai Ji Men dizi participated in a ceremony attended by over 10,000 people to pray for the world. Tai Ji Men dizi conveyed their best wishes to all humanity through the song "Love of the World." Additionally, representing the Taipei Martial Arts Association, theymade several-thousand-year-old formation called “Tai Ji Men Tai Ji Formation” come alive under the themeof “Passing on the Torch, Heart to Heart” at the opening ceremony of the Taipei 2017 Universiade. With an abundance of positive energy, 268 Tai Ji Men dizi worked as one, sent their best wishes to the event and all mankind, and wished all athletes at the event great success.

The organizer of the Taipei 2017 Universiade, Taipei City Government, and other related organizations bestowed Tai Ji Men awards in recognition of its contribution. Chairman of the Taipei Martial Arts Federation, Kun-Chung Huang praised Tai Ji Men for presenting the spirit of martial morality through the beauty of innovative martial arts. President of Taipei City Taoist Association, Shui-Sheng Lin praised Tai Ji Men for its decades-long efforts in educating human hearts and purifying the society as well asfor its embodiment of the teachings of Taoism, which is purity and naturalness. During their stay in Taiwan, many international athletes of the Taipei 2017 Universiade paid a special visit to Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy. “I feel this is a great country!” they said.

Mr. Azarias Bastos, a top official from the Ministry of Sports of Mozambique, said that he felt fortunate to watch Tai Ji Men’s performance and was very impressed by it. He said he had learned about love and peace, which areessential to the whole world.Tai Ji Men Shifu and dizi displayed the spirit of Taiwan through their artistic presentation of the spirit of martial arts—stopping conflicts and promoting goodness—allowing the world to get to know Taiwan and experience the precious core value of excellent Chinese culture.

Source: Tai Ji Men