WHO Director-General underscores commitment to strengthening health in Pacific Islands

WHO Director-General, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has completed a two-week mission to Pacific Island countries and reiterated WHO’s unflagging commitment to supporting their efforts to advance health and well being.

NIH study in mice identifies type of brain cell involved in stuttering

In a mouse model of stuttering (lower panel), there are fewer astrocytes, shown in green, compared to...

Enterovirus antibodies detected in acute flaccid myelitis patients

A new study analyzing samples from patients with and without acute flaccid myelitis (AFM) provides additional evidence for an association between the rare but often serious condition that causes muscle weakness and paralysis, and infection with non-...

Smoldering spots in the brain may signal severe MS

NIH researchers found that dark rimmed spots representing ongoing, “smoldering” inflammation, may be a...

Burundi launches ebola vaccination campaign for health and front-line workers

On 13th August, the Ministry of Public Health and AIDS Control kicked off the vaccination campaign for front-line staff against the Ebola virus disease. The campaign started at the Gatumba entry point at the Border with the Democratic Republic of...

Study finds link between long-term exposure to air pollution and emphysema

Long-term exposure to air pollution was linked to increases in emphysema between 2000 and 2018, according to a new study. Emphysema, usually associated with cigarette smoking, is a chronic disease in which lung tissue is destroyed and unable to...

Leaders of NIH’s All of Us Research Program recap progress and next steps

Two All of Us team members begin the process to collect a blood sample from a participant.

Nine CDC Health Hacks for Back-to-School Success


NIH-funded study will test seasonal flu vaccines with two experimental adjuvants

A person receives the seasonal influenza vaccine (flu shot).

NIH researchers uncover role of repetitive DNA and protein sequences in tumor evolution

Graph of somatic changes over time.