UK Prime Minister to Pass Emergency Legislation Addressing the Issue of Illegal Immigration.


The British Supreme Court ruled on the 15th that the British government's program to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is illegal, a major blow to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's immigration policy and key election promises. Britain is scheduled to hold a general election next year.

The Supreme Court noted that Luanda's human rights record was not good enough to be considered a "safe third country" and that it could put these asylum seekers at risk of being returned to their place of origin or of being subjected to inhumane treatment. UK charities, including Oxfam, have expressed approval of the court's decision and called on the government to consider other policies, including opening up more legal avenues for asylum seekers. The Luanda government has said that this is a decision for the UK justice system, but has challenged the UK Supreme Court's ruling that Luanda is unsafe for asylum seekers.

In a press conference, Prime Minister Sunak expressed regret over the court's decision, and that a new agreement will be reached with Luanda based on the court's decision, and then a new plan will be drawn up, announcing that Luanda will be labeled a "safe country" by way of an emergency bill to ensure that flights deporting illegal immigrants will be able to start next spring.

Britain has spent £140 million on the program so far, but the first flight to send illegal immigrants to Africa last June was intervened by the European Court of Human Rights at the last minute and has been delayed.