Human Rights

Pakistan: Government Shutters International Groups

The Pakistani government’s decision to shut down at least 10 organizations without providing valid reasons violates rights to freedom of expression and association, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 16. Organizations affected include prominent groups...

Iraq: Parliament Rejects Marriage for 8-Year-Old Girls

Iraq’s parliament has rejected proposed amendments to Iraq’s Personal Status Law (PSL) that would allow religious judges to impose discriminatory law on family matters, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 17.

Walnut, California Celebrate Human Rights Day with a Forum
‘American Dream’ quickly becoming an ‘illusion,’ says UN human rights expert

A homeless man sits at the steps of a store in lower east side, Manhattan, New York City.

Iran: Free Ailing Labor Activist

Iranian authorities should immediately release Reza Shahabi, a prominent labor activist, after he suffered a possible stroke in prison, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 16. Medical experts who examined Shahabi said that he should be released for medical...

Laos: 5 Years Since Civil Society Leader’s ‘Disappearance’

The government of Laos should immediately disclose the fate or whereabouts of the prominent civil society leader Sombath Somphone, who was forcibly disappeared in the capital, Vientiane, in December 2012, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 15.

Greece: Dire Risks for Women Asylum Seekers

Amal Adwan, 47, asylum seeker from Damascus, Syria in the Moria hotspot on Lesbos island....

Sri Lanka Joins Global Landmine Ban

The Broken Chair, a statue in support of the bans on landmines and...

Kenya: Sexual Violence Marred Elections

Widespread sexual violence marred Kenya’s 2017 elections, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on Dec 14. The Kenyan government should urgently take steps to protect women and girls, as well as men and boys, from sexual violence.

Burundi: Rights Defender Detained

Authorities in Burundi have been holding a human rights activist since November 21, 2017, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 13, 2017. The authorities should immediately release the activist, Nestor Nibitanga, or charge him with a credible offense. The...