Dominican Republic to Scale Up Efforts in Improving Learning

The World Bank approved an additional financing of US$100 million to help the government improve the quality of education and learning in the Dominican Republic.

On their epic journeys, migratory birds connect nations and inspire people, UN says on World Day

Sanderlings, the small wading birds pictured here, are long-distance migrants, wintering...

UNESCO supports world leaders in galvanizing coordinated action for girls’ education

UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay, along with world leaders, notably French...

Investing in Social Services and Early Childhood Development in FYR Macedonia

The World Bank Board of Executive Directors, on September 13, approved a USD 33.4 million loan to help advance the social protection and early childhood education and care (ECEC) systems in FYR Macedonia. The Social Services Improvement Project will...

More effort needed to improve equity in education

Social background remains the main factor impacting participation in education and learning, and on economic and social outcomes, according to a new OECD report.

One Year after Hurricane Irma, Save the Children Remains Dedicated to Restoring Early Learning Programs, Helping Children Heal Emotionally

A year after Hurricane Irma’s powerful winds and flood-inducing rains brought mass destruction across Florida, Save the Children remains on-the-ground in the Sunshine State, committed to restoring early learning programs and helping children heal...

Literacy and skills development: International Literacy Day, 8 September 2018

UNESCO will award its Literacy Prizes on 7 September on the eve of International Literacy Day, celebrated every year on 8 September. The theme chosen for 2018 focuses on literacy and skills development.

Millions of refugee children going without schooling, UNHCR report shows

Burundi refugee children at Furaha Primary School in Nduta Refugee Camp in western Tanzania, study in a makeshift classroom...