Noto Peninsula in Japan Declares State of Emergency

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South Korea's Largest Opposition Party Leader Lee Nak-yon Attacked, No Longer in Life-threatening Condition

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Lee Jae-myung, the leader of South Korea's largest opposition party, was attacked while attending a supporters' rally on February 2, prompting widespread concern and condemnation.


Shallow and Intense Earthquake with Magnitude 7.6 Strikes Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

Japan's Ishikawa Prefecture, Noto 1 at about 4:00 pm, the Richter scale 7.6 shallow strong earthquake occurred, the maximum magnitude of the tremor up to 7, the depth of only 10 kilometers, the Japan Meteorological Agency for Noto Peninsula coastal prefectures and cities issued a "tsunami warning".

Wajima City, the disaster, the famous "Wajima morning market" fire, overnight fire at least more than 100 buildings in flames, casualties to be confirmed.


Turkish Parliament Finally Approves Sweden's NATO Accession


The Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Parliament passed a resolution on Sweden's accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) on 26th, which is tantamount to allowing Sweden to join NATO.


Dawn of Peace in Yemen

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The UN envoy to Yemen (Yaman) said on Saturday 23rd that both the Saudi Arabian-backed Yemeni government forces and the Iranian-backed Yemeni Houthi Youth Movement rebels have pledged to take the necessary measures to realize a long-awaited ceasefire agreement and join the UN-led peace process to end the nine-year-long civil war.


To Deter Russian Incursion, Germany Deploys Troops Permanently to Lithuania


Germany recently (18) signed an agreement with Lithuania, in order to defend the Russian threat to NATO (NATO), will send about 4,800 German troops in Lithuania in the future. This is the first time since the end of World War II that the German army has deployed troops outside the country.


South Korea Boosts Fertility Rates: Incheon Offers Up to 100 Million Korean Won Subsidy for Births Up to Age 18


Korea's fertility rate has been declining for years, causing a national crisis. Last year, the total number of newborns was only 249,000, the lowest on record. In order to save the fertility rate, the Incheon city government has launched the "100 Million Plus My Dream" program, a birth subsidy program, which provides a subsidy to all Incheon-born babies up to the age of 18 years old.


The Clear Sound of Bell Resonates in Melbourne for the Victims of State Violence

The 63rd United Nations DPI/NGO Annual Conference was held in Melbourne from August 30 to September 1, 2010. The Bell of Peace came back to Australia together with the Cultural Goodwill Group of Love and Peace after last visit to Sydney Olympic Games in 2000. The Bell has traveled around the globe with consolidation of good thoughts and good wishes from 152 bell-ringers, including heads of states and world leaders.


UN condemns killing of peacekeepers in Darfur

7 May 2010 – The United Nations has voiced outrage after two peacekeepers serving with the joint African Union-UN force in Sudan's war-scarred Darfur region were killed and three others seriously wounded in an ambush earlier today.


Ban urges nations to make nuclear disarmament targets a reality

Ban urges nations to make nuclear disarmament targets a reality
Monday, May 03, 2010

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon addresses High-Level Review Conference
The world is looking to the more than 100 nations gathered at United Nations Headquarters today for a major nuclear non-proliferation conference to take decisive action to build a safer world, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said at the event’s start.