Widespread Recognition of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy’s Confounder

April 4 Declared as Madam Yu, Mei-Jung Legacy Day

240405_President’s Lifetime Achievement Award _0.jpg
Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, Tai Ji Men's leader, receives President’s Lifetime Achievement Award issued by President Joe Biden on behalf of Madam Yu, Mei-Jung, vice president of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy, and Tai Ji Men for its contribution of 610,000 hours of service to the US. (AP Images)


Tai Ji Men Hosts Concert of Gratitude and Blessings

Co-founder of Tai Ji Men Qigong Academy Honored with President’s Lifetime Achievement Award

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Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, leader of Tai Ji Men, center, and distinguished guests from around the world, come together to celebrate the enduring legacy of his late wife, Madam Yu, Mei-Jung at the Concert of Gratitude and Blessings. (AP Images)


5th International Day of Conscience Celebration

Tai Ji Men Hosts Conscience Festival in Pasadena, California

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, leader of Tai Ji Men, rings the Bell of World Peace and Love at the celebration of the 5th International Day of Conscience in front of Pasadena City Hall, California, April 6, 2024.


FOWPAL Hosts Celebration of UN-Designated International Day of Conscience

Influential leaders jointly call for conscience and the power of hope to change the world

On April 5th, the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) hosts the World Leader Summit of Love and Peace to celebrate the 5th International Day of Conscience.


US Approves Billions of Dollars in Bombs and Fighter Jets Aid to Israel

The *Washington Post* reports that despite the growing disagreements between the United States and the Israeli government, the Biden administration continues to authorize the transfer of **billions of dollars' worth of weapons** to Israel.


Chain Explosions at Military Arsenal in Indonesian Capital's Suburbs

On the evening of the 30th, an explosion occurred at an ammunition depot in the suburbs of Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. The blast resulted in a large fire, causing panic among nearby residents. The Indonesian government swiftly dispatched firefighting teams to the scene.


Celebrating International Day of Conscience

Tai Ji Men to Host a Series of Cultural Performances in Los Angeles

P1改中文P2_2_0.jpgTai Ji Celestial Dragon blesses the world, and prays for happiness and auspiciousness, peace, health and happiness for everyone


India Increases Naval Deployment

The "Deccan Herald" of India quoted the Chief of Staff of the Indian Navy, R. Hari Kumar, as reporting that India has 11 submarines, 35 surface ships, and 5 patrol aircraft on duty in the surrounding waters to respond to the increasingly frequent activities of pirates and the Chinese navy in the Indian Ocean.


Moscow Music Hall Terror Attack Death Toll Rises to 115

A music hall in the suburbs of Moscow, the capital of Russia, was attacked by terrorists on the night of the 22nd, resulting in over a hundred deaths. This is the most severe terrorist attack in Russia in recent years. US intelligence indicates that the crime was committed by the ISIS terrorist organization. However, the Russian president stated that five gunmen have been arrested and that there were people in Ukraine prepared to assist the gunmen in crossing the border to escape, but Ukraine has denied any involvement.


British Duchess Kate Admits to Having Cancer

Catherine, Princess of Wales, who has not made a public appearance for nearly three months following abdominal surgery, recently announced through a pre-recorded video that she has been diagnosed with cancer and is currently undergoing early treatment. She hopes that the public will give her time, space, and privacy.