G7 Expresses Concerns over Countries' Provision of Aid to Russia

On the occasion of the **two-year anniversary** of the Russo-Ukrainian War, the **G7** leaders and **European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen** met with Ukrainian President **Volodymyr Zelenskyy** on the 24th. Following the meeting, they issued a joint statement expressing concern about **Chinese companies** within China **shipping dual-use materials and weapon components to Russia**, as well as engaging in military-industrial production equipment.


Two Years into the Russo-Ukrainian War, German Chancellor Urges Europe to Strengthen Defense to Deter External Attacks

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz commented via a podcast on the second anniversary of the Russo-Ukrainian War, stating that Europe needs to strengthen its defense to ensure it can withstand external military attacks.

Scholz said in the podcast, "Words like 'deterrence' and 'defense readiness' coming from a German Chancellor are quite unusual. We Germans have not used these words for a long time, they are almost forgotten. But these words represent something very important, that is, to work together with allies and be strong enough that no one dares to attack us."


G20 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting Concludes

The G20 Foreign Ministers' Meeting concluded on the afternoon of the 22nd in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. A press conference was held after the meeting, where Brazilian Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira expressed the serious concerns of the G20 member representatives about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Almost all member countries support the two-state solution to resolve the Israel-Palestine conflict.


Eastern Immortals and Celestial Creatures Appeared at the Eurasian Economic Summit Gala Dinner to Deliver the Energy of Blessing

At the Eurasia Summit 2024, FOWPAL representatives performed the elegant white peacock and noble peony dances, wishing for the elegance and prosperity of the event.


27 Million People in Argentina Fall into Poverty

The economy of Argentina continues to deteriorate. According to statistics, the poverty rate reached 57.4% in January this year, a new high in 22 years, and it is estimated that 27 million Argentines have fallen into poverty.


FOWPAL visited Turkish campus, teachers and students jointly signed "The Declaration of World Day of the Power of Hope"

FOWPAL visited Adem Ceylan Final Technical School and received a big applause from teachers and students by giving the performance of oriental martial arts.


FOWPAL Presents the World Education Model Award in Memory of Dr. Jagdish Gandhi

Education Model Award_240215_0_0.jpg
Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, president of FOWPAL, right, presented the FOWPAL World Education Model Award to the family of Dr. Gandhi. The award was received by Dr. Gandhi's wife, Dr. Bharti Gandhi, and their daughter.


Global Layoffs Hit 11 Companies, Including Google and Amazon

Despite being just a month into 2024, international headlines are filled with news of layoffs. Even large corporations that were once considered “too big to fail” are resorting to workforce reductions due to financial difficulties, causing widespread concern. The global economy’s ability to recover and the possibility of renewed instability are being closely watched.

Among the companies announcing layoffs recently are tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Citigroup,, Wipro, PayPal, SAP SE, eBay, SolarEdge, Discord, and Foodpanda, totaling 11 companies.


North Korea Frequent Launches of Cruise Missiles

According to a report by North Korean official media outlet “Chosun Central News Agency” on January 31, North Korea has recently conducted frequent missile tests. On January 30, the North Korean People’s Army conducted a test launch of the “Arrow-2” cruise missile in the western waters of the Korean Peninsula.


Putin Officially Listed as a Presidential Candidate in Russia, Confirmed for Another 6-Year Term in Office

The Russian Central Election Commission has officially registered Vladimir Putin as a candidate for the March presidential election. It is almost certain that Putin will win this election and continue to rule for another six years, becoming the longest-serving ruler in Russia since the 18th century.

Putin, who is 71 years old, has been leading Russia since the beginning of this century. He has won the presidential election four times and has only briefly served as prime minister. Under the current system in Russia, the opposition has almost become non-existent.