NASA's Webb to Study Quasars and Their Host Galaxies in Three Dimensions

Quasars—accreting supermassive black holes—are paradoxically some of the brightest objects in the universe....

NASA Researchers Track Slowly Splitting 'Dent' in Earth’s Magnetic Field

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Scientists Determine 'Oumuamua Isn't Made From Molecular Hydrogen Ice After All

Scientists Determine 'Oumuamua Isn't Made From Molecular Hydrogen Ice After All

New NSF Physics Frontier Center Will Focus on Neutron Star Modeling in ‘Gravitational Wave Era’

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Aurora Mysteries Unlocked With NASA’s THEMIS Mission

Auroral beads seen from the International Space Station, Sept. 17, 2011 (Frame ID: ISS029-E-6012).

Hubble Helps Uncover the Mystery of the Dimming of Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse’s Dust Cloud (Artist’s Impression)

NASA Satellite’s Lone View of Betelgeuse Reveals More Strange Behavior

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How airplanes counteract St. Elmo’s fire during thunderstorms

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