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Light, Fuel-Driven Car Goes For 100 Mpg X Prize

Lynchburg, Va., is an old river town with a population of fewer than 75,000 people. It's not the kind of place you'd expect to produce a 21st-century car, but entrepreneur Oliver Kuttner thought it was perfect.

25 percent British babies born to Indians, Pakistanis

Almost a quarter of babies in Britain are born to immigrant mothers, mostly from India, Pakistan and Poland.

Smartphones on holidays make bosses more anxious

Office bosses who carry smartphones during their holidays return 'more anxious' than before leaving the workplace as the devices never 'escape the onslaught' of e-mails and office reports.

Eating Nutritiously A Struggle When Money Is Scarce

Alex Williamson, 8, doesn't look very hungry — in fact, he's a little chubby. But Alex, who lives in Carlisle, Pa., is one of 17 million children who live in U.S. households where getting enough food is a challenge.

Women most beautiful at 31

Women aged 31 are at the peak of their beauty, according to a new study which breaks the age-old myth that teenagers are the most attractive.

Chinese Turn To Religion To Fill A Spiritual Vacuum

Alongside China's astonishing economic boom, an almost unnoticed religious boom has quietly been taking place.

'Women better at multitasking than men'

Psychologists have proven that women are much better than men at multitasking.

Fan buys World Cup final Jabulani ball for 48,200 pounds on eBay

The Adidas Jabulani ball used in the FIFA World Cup final between Spain and the Netherlands has been auctioned off on eBay to a well-off football fan for 48,200 pounds.

Britons report more sick days than other Europeans

Britons put out 35 million sick notes every year, more any other European country, and the culture is costing the economy billions of pounds in lost production, benefits and health care.

Russian village opens square for quarreling lovers

A square for quarreling lovers with a bench and a stork nest was opened in the village of Kresttsy between Moscow and St. Petersburg.