Eurocrats could spend 3m taxpayers' money for boob jobs, Viagra

Leaked documents have revealed that nearly 3 million pounds of taxpayers' money will be spent this year by Members of the European Parliament on health care, cosmetic surgery and on drugs such as Viagra.

Want A Job? You Ought To Be A Tech Geek


Talk to Teens about Healthy Relationships


Remote Control Systems Recalled by Niles Audio Due to Fire Hazard


Liqueurs de France and the Green Fairy Absinthe Company Sign Absinthe Import/Distribution Deal for India - First Product Launches Announced

Liqueurs de France, a UK-based speciality beverages producer and distributor, which recently signed an agreement with The Green Fairy Absinthe Company (GFAC) based in Goa, India. has announced the launch of their first two absinthes in India.

D.C., Long 'Chocolate City,' Becoming More Vanilla

Robert Adams carries his daughter Layla, 2, and walks with Lucy, 4, in front of their home in District Heights, Md. Adams...

Survey Says Entry Door and Garage Door Replacement Projects Deliver the Biggest Returns at Resale

Homeowners can expect 84% back on a mid-range garage door upgrade.

Without Language, Large Numbers Don't Add Up

A study of people in Nicaragua has concluded that humans need language in order to understand large numbers.

The Sovereign Tribal Nation Of The Havasupai Tribe And FEMA Sign Formal Disaster Aid Agreement

The signing of a formal agreement to implement federal disaster assistance to the Sovereign Tribal Nation of the Havasupai Tribe (Havasupai) will take place on Thursday, January 27, 2011. The ceremony, conducted with representatives of the U.S....

Less Passion, Less Productivity

The vast majority of workers lack passion for their jobs, according to a new survey from Deloitte. Passionate workers are more likely to seek challenges and foster innovation, but most organizations fail to cultivate productive environments for their...