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US, Chinese Security Officials Discuss Defense Relations

The U.S. Defense Department said Wednesday the Pentagon's top official for Asia has discussed U.S.-China defense relations and regional security issues with a Chinese foreign ministry official.

Severe violations of children’s rights an ‘hourly occurrence’ in Sudan, warns UNICEF

As the brutal conflict in Sudan hits 100 days, UNICEF has received reports of a staggering 2,500 severe violations of children’s rights —an average of at least one an hour. As these are just the numbers reported to UNICEF sources, the true figure is...

Latest in Ukraine: Death Toll in Kramatorsk Attack Rises to 12

Crews in Ukraine found a body Thursday in the rubble of a pizza restaurant in the eastern city of Kramatorsk, bringing the death toll from a Russian missile attack on the site to 12 people.

Unrest Erupts in France Again in Response to Police Shooting of Teen

French officials said Thursday that authorities arrested 150 people in connection with unrest in Paris and other cities as protesters rallied against the police killing of a teenager earlier this week.