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Russia Refuses to Allow 2 EU Airline Flights to Land

Russia refused to allow two EU-based airlines to land flights in the country to avoid Belarusian airspace days after Belarus scrambled a fighter jet and used a false bomb alert to divert an Irish passenger jet to Minsk and arrest a dissident...

US Vice President Calls for Immigration Effort With Mexico

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris said Friday that the United States and Mexico must collaborate to reduce immigration from Mexico by addressing violence and corruption in Central America.

Early Returns in Scotland Election Bode Well for Sturgeon's Ruling Party

Scotland's first minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and her ruling Scottish National Party (SNP) made early gains Friday as the first returns from the nation's parliamentary election were reported.

ILO calls for resilient occupational safety and health systems for future emergencies

Countries need to put in place sound and resilient occupational safety and health (OSH) systems that would minimize the risks for everyone in the world of work in the event of future health emergencies, says the International Labour Organization (ILO...