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US Media: Israel Smuggled Nuclear Plans Out of Tehran

Israel agents broke into an Iranian warehouse and smuggled out tens of thousands of pages and nearly 200 computer discs on Iranian plans to build a nuclear weapon, U.S. media reports say.

France Takes World Cup With 4-2 Win Over Croatia

France has won its second World Cup championship, defeating Croatia 4-2 Sunday at Moscow's Luzhniki Stadium

France led 2-1 at halftime, thanks to an own-goal by Croatian Mario Mandzukic, who headed a free kick into his own team's net, and a...

Iraq Cuts Internet Services, Sends Forces to Quell Protests

Iraq's National Security Council deployed security forces and cut internet services Saturday as protests that began in Basra spread to several other cities.

Trump Declares NATO Victory With Spending Commitments From Allies

U.S. President Donald Trump declared victory Thursday as the NATO summit ended, saying he had won commitments from other countries to increase their defense spending after he had complained that Washington for too long has borne the brunt of financing...