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USAID Head Says Ethiopia’s Humanitarian Situation Growing Worse

The head of the U.S. Agency for International Development highlighted what she called “desperate humanitarian needs that are growing even more acute with every passing day” during talks Wednesday with officials in Ethiopia.

More Than 40 Die in 2-Vehicle Collision in Mali

A deadly vehicle collision this week in the West African nation of Mali has been blamed on bad weather and the chronically poor state of the roads.

Netanyahu Opponents Seek Quick End to Israeli PM's Time in Office

Opponents of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu worked Thursday to arrange a quick parliamentary vote to end his 12-year term in office.

Netanyahu’s opponents hope an expedited vote would complicate his last-minute effort to disrupt...

Explosion Sparks Fire at Tehran Oil Refinery

A large fire broke out Wednesday at an oil refinery in the Iranian capital of Tehran, according to state media.

There were no immediate reports of casualties. While the refinery is located in an industrial zone, it is not far from people's...