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Over one million children newly displaced in two months as Sudan faces escalating conflict

More than one million children have now been displaced by two months of conflict in Sudan. Across Sudan, UNICEF has received credible reports that over 330 children have been killed, and over 1,900 have been injured, as of 6 June and many more are at...

In Response to the International Day of Conscience, 5 Bell Ringers Were Awarded the FOWPAL Mini Golden Bells

230624_the clock of conscience_0.jpg
Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze presented the clock of conscience, which means grasping the...

FOWPAL Mini Golden Bell Delivers the Most Needed Positive Energy to Many Heads of States

230624_Emil Constantinescu_0.png
The Mini Golden Bell Winner: Emil Constantinescu, former President of Romania.

The Bell of World Peace and Love Spread Love Globally, Bringing the Butterfly Effect of Goodwill Worldwide

230624_Bobby Hunter_0_0.png
Dr. Hong presented Bobby Hunter with a FOWPAL Mini Golden Bell.