Inferno World with Titanium Skies


After Cassini: Pondering the Saturn Mission's Legacy

Cassini's discoveries are feeding forward into future exploration of the solar system.

Fast magnetic writing of data

In 1956, IBM introduced the first magnetic hard disc, the RAMAC. ETH researchers have now tested a novel magnetic writing technology that...

High-speed quantum memory for photons

Single photons transmit quantum information between the network nodes, where they are stored in an atomic gas.

Bit data goes anti-skyrmions

These are anti-skyrmions on a racetrack.

A revolution in lithium-ion batteries is becoming more realistic

Lithium amide-borohydride is a promising candidate for a solid electrolyte. The crystalline structure of this material consists of two sub-...

Astronomers Find New Evidence for Long-theorized Mid-sized Black Holes

Astronomers have found new evidence for the existence of a mid-sized black hole, considered the missing link in the evolution of supermassive black holes.

ALMA Finds Huge Hidden Reservoirs of Turbulent Gas in Distant Galaxies

ALMA has been used to detect turbulent reservoirs of cold gas surrounding distant starburst galaxies. By detecting CH+ for...