X-Rays Recount Origin of Oddball Meteorites

X-ray experiments at Berkeley Lab’s Advanced Light Source helped scientists to establish...

NASA’s Mars 2020 mis¬sion will search for traces of past mi¬cro¬bial life with the Per-se¬ver¬ance rover

NASA's Mars rover Perseverance

An origin story for a family of oddball meteorites

Samples from a rare meteorite family, including the one shown here, reveal that their parent...

Mapping the Oaxaca earthquake from space


COVID-19 pandemic causes seismic noise quiet period in 2020

Seismic noise is measure by seismometers. These are sensitive scientific instruments to record vibrations travelling through the ground – known as seismic waves. Traditionally, seismology focuses on measuring seismic waves arising after earthquakes....

NASA Juno Takes First Images of Jovian Moon Ganymede's North Pole

These images the JIRAM instrument aboard NASA's Juno spacecraft took on Dec. 26...

First Ever Image of a Multi-Planet System around a Sun-like Star Captured by ESO Telescope

First ever image of a multi-planet system around a Sun-like star

A Special Family Portrait

A Special Family Portrait