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Relief Pitcher Admits Living A Lie, And Then Life Gets Complicated

Juan Carlos Oviedo, seen here closing a game for the Marlins under the name Leo Nunez, remains in the Dominican Republic after...

Affirmative-Action Case Could Be Campaign Issue

The Texas Longhorns band performs during a basketball game against the Oakland Golden Grizzlies on March 18. A...

Global tourist numbers continue to increase, UN agency reports

International tourist numbers surged by nearly 5 per cent in the first half of this year as the industry continues its...

Dealing With Your Teen’s Behavior

Adolescence can be a bewildering time—for both teens and their parents. Yet it can also be thrilling to watch kids grow and change.

Why The Trip Home Seems To Go By Faster

Does getting home from your vacation spot always seem to take less time than getting there? A new scientific...

Gator Wrestling: 'Not A Thinking Man's Sport'

Jay Young, owner of Colorado Gators, holds Peewee, his 11-year-old daughter's former pet. Colorado...

Ten Years Later, Flight 93 Memorial Still Unfinished

Donna Glessner, a volunteer with Friends of Flight 93, says the memorial is a "landscape memorial," meaning that the crash site...

'Friends' Comes To Nick At Nite: Does This Syndication Deal Make Me Look Old?

I have come to the conclusion that the last thing many of us outgrow — the last thing we fruitlessly try to drag along behind us with our other childhood possessions — is fretting about how old we're getting. I would like to say this revelation is...

Climbing Tragedy Reminder Of Mother Nature's Power

Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

CONGO: High-tech measures to curb illegal fishing

Congo banned fishing with explosives and the use of small-mesh nets in an effort to crack down on illegal catches (file photo)