5th World Conference on Women and Sport calls for more women in leadership roles

The three-day conference, whose theme was “Together Stronger: the Future of Sport,” ended with over 800 delegates from 135 countries unanimously approving “The Los Angeles Declaration”, a series of recommendations aimed at promoting gender equality in...

ECOWAS Tackles Piracy, Elections, Food Crisis

Piracy, elections, and a food crisis are topping the agenda at the summit of the Economic Community of West Africa States, now underway in Nigeria's capital, Abuja. Heads of state are also to select a new chairman to replace Nigerian President...

FDA Warns About Fake Avastin In U.S.

Packaging for fake Avastin that was just flagged by the Food and Drug...

TIMOR-LESTE: Falling short on MDGs

More children are surviving, but most MDGs still far from being met

India: 'Well-Trained Terrorist' Behind Israeli Diplomatic Attack

India's home minister says Monday's bombing of an Israeli embassy car was targeted at an Israeli diplomat's wife and carried out by a well-trained terrorist.

Thai Government Insists Bangkok Blasts Not Terrorism-Related

Authorities in Thailand say an Iranian man detonated explosives in Bangkok, damaging a rented house and severely injuring himself and a few bystanders.

White men 'more attracted to women with Asian faces'

White men prefer the facial features of Asian women while white women go for the faces of black men, scientists have discovered.

Pak women far more beautiful than Indian counterparts, says Shobhaa De

Columnist Shobhaa De believes that there is no 'comparison' between Pakistani and Indian women when it comes to beauty.

U.S. Travel To Cuba Grows As Restrictions Are Eased

The U.S. government has restricted travel to Cuba for a half-century. However, the Obama administration has gone back...

SRI LANKA: Mine clearance could take 10 years or more

About 126 sqkm of land remains to be cleared