Who's The Spookiest Super-Villain? Take The Poll Of Perfidiousness

All Hallows Eve is fast upon us, bringing with it fun-sized eating binges, sullen teens who can't be bothered to slap together a costume trying to cadge some free Kit Kats, and those fake spider webs that, if we're honest, really just make your front...

Pro Pitchers' Dirty Secret Rubbed On Every Ball

Lena Blackburne Baseball is the only baseball rubbing mud...

Australia’s Economic Blowout Fails To Cut Brazilian Blowouts

According to leading Sydney-based hair stylist Marc Azzi of the Marc Azzi Hair Salon, Brazilian Blowout Keratin treatments are now the most popular among Australian women, thanks to their promotion by Hollywood movie stars such as Nicole Kidman and...

China began cultivating millet 10,000 years ago

Evidence of glutinous millet's cultivation has been found in the northern province of Hebei that could date back to 10,000 years, said Chinese archaeologists Sunday.

Hard Choices: Do Libraries Really Destroy Books?

Yesterday, an Australian blogger named S Peter Davis wrote a piece for Cracked (the surprisingly...

Cooking (Or Not Cooking) Broccoli To Protect Its Nutritional Riches

Broccoli eaten raw may be the best way to take advantage of its cancer-fighting compounds.

Weighty Challenge: A Lineman's Life After Football

Former San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman Ben Lynch (center).

Rooney may not regain England spot after Euro 2012 ban: Capello

Coach Fabio Capello has warned star striker Wayne Rooney that he is not guaranteed to return for England when his Euro 2012 suspension ends.

Dempsey Helps USO Honor Service Members

In conjunction with the Defense Department, the USO celebrated 70 years of service and recognized service members for their courage, sacrifice and volunteer service during a special gala last night.

Banned U.S. Sprinter Wins Olympics Appeal; Other Cases May Follow

LaShawn Merritt crosses the finish line first, in the men's 4x400-meter relay at the IAAF World Athletics Championships...