Saying ‘no’ to palm oil would likely displace, not halt biodiversity loss – IUCN report

Banning palm oil would most likely increase the production of other oil crops to meet demand for oil, displacing rather than halting the significant global biodiversity losses caused by palm oil, warned an IUCN report published on June 26.

Belize Barrier Reef removed from in danger list

La bióloga de WWF, Shalini Cawich,...

Settlement with Amherst, Mass., Company Reduces Emissions to Air

Under the terms of a recent settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), John S. Lane and Son, Inc. (JS Lane), a sand and gravel company in Amherst, Mass., has taken steps to reduce air pollution, as required by the Clean Air Act (...

Second largest reef on Earth off ‘danger list’, following IUCN’s advice

The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System – the world’s second largest coral reef system after the Great Barrier Reef – has come off the List of World Heritage in Danger, following the advice of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN)....