Super Typhoon Trami Takes Aim at Japan

The third super typhoon in a month is heading for Asia, this time setting its aim on Japan.

Super Typhoon Trami, packing sustained winds of 241 kilometers per hour (150 mph), is equivalent to a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane.

U.S. EPA Settlement with Inglewood, Calif. facility Requires Safer Management of Hazardous Waste

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a settlement with Rho-Chem, LLC, a solvent recycling and storage facility in Inglewood, Calif., for federal hazardous waste violations. Under the agreement, Rho-Chem will take specific steps to...

Game-changing ivory ban takes effect but further efforts needed to ensure long-term gains

Ivory items confiscated in Hong Kong

Natural Resources Majority Pushes Pro-Extinction Bills 48 Hours Before Recess

During the final hours before breaking for congressional recess, House Republicans on the Natural Resources Committee rushed to consider a slate of bills aimed at undermining the protections afforded under the Endangered Species Act. Polling indicates...