Human Rights

Lebanon: Police Violence at Protest on Jerusalem

Investigate Use of Force, Ensure Accountability

Lebanon’s Internal Security Forces should investigate reports of unlawful use of force against protesters and journalists at a December 10, 2017 demonstration near the US embassy in Awkar, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 19. The Internal Security Forces (ISF) should immediately open an impartial investigation, ensure accountability for any excessive or indiscriminate use of force, and cease further unlawful violence against demonstrators.

Burma: Journalists Feared ‘Disappeared’

Free Reuters Reporters Held Secretly Since December 12

Burmese authorities should immediately release two Reuters journalists arrested in Rangoon for allegedly possessing leaked documents relating to police operations in Rakhine State, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 20. After more than a week, the authorities have refused the journalists access to counsel and provided no information on their whereabouts, raising concerns of an enforced disappearance.

UN rights chief calls for independent probe into Israeli forces ‘shocking’ shooting of amputee

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

The War Against Illegal Tax Bills (Part 4)

Against the illegal taxes, we sleep at the Boulevard

Young protestors gather to protest the illegal taxes.

The War Against Illegal Tax Bills (Part 7)

A tax tsunami is to wallop Taiwan's economy


The War Against Illegal Tax Bills (Part 5)

Strollers Marching

1219 strollers 1_0.png
Ms. Huang, Jin-Shun, a judicial officer and her husband are aware of this severe tax and legality issue although they are not victims of taxation. They are busy with work but they still squeeze their time to the movement in by taking high speed rail back and forth between Taichung and Taipei. They come out of justice and with hopes that the environment could be changed and human rights could be exactly practiced.

The War Against Illegal Tax Bills (Part 6)

Anti-illegal Tax Bill Motorcycle Marching

1219 motor 1_0.png
On December 19th, An anti-illegal tax bill motorcycle marching riders gather in front of the President’s Hall regardless the chilling and humid weather asking for the present government to give positive respond to the asking for the taxation human rights, and fix the terrible tax chaos.
(Middle) An anti-illegal tax bill motorcycle marching riders from the members of the Tax and Legal Reform League, have been driven on roads in Taipei City. They carry flags to show their firm action of fixing the terrible problems caused by the National Taxation Bureau. They wish more Taiwanese would stand up for the

The War Against Illegal Tax Bills- Part 3

Tens of Thousands of People fight for Taxpayer’s Human Rights

Tax victims sharing their stories about the painful tax bills.

EU countries must step up fight against sexual abuse of children, say MEPs

EU member states must work more closely with each other and with Europol and the IT industry to fight sexual abuse and exploitation of children, said Parliament on December 14.

Human rights worldwide: EU must act to halt persecution and protect migrants

The EU must do more to counter persecution based on religion, say MEPs in a resolution on the state of human rights worldwide in 2016, voted on December 13.