Human Rights

UAE: Jailed British Academic Denied Rights

Prolonged Solitary Confinement, Little Access to Family, Lawyers

The United Arab Emirates detained a British academic for months without charge, denying him his due process rights, Human Rights Watch said on October 21, 2018. The abuses raise serious concerns about whether Matthew Hedges, a doctoral candidate at Durham University in England, can get a fair trial in the UAE.

UN Chief says ending poverty ‘a question of justice’ on International Day

Young boys standing in front of damaged buildings in Saada, Yemen, where bombing has left many neighbourhoods in the city are strewn with wreckage and debris following ground fighting between armed groups.

Vietnam: Drop Activist’s Long Sentence

Democracy Campaigner Faces 20 Years’ Prison

Vietnam should reverse the draconian sentence imposed on a veteran environment and democracy activist, Le Dinh Luong, and release him, Human Rights Watch said on October 16. The appeals court is scheduled to hear his case on October 18, 2018, in Nghe An province.

Iran: Arrests, Harassment of Baha’is

Public Official Arrested for Speaking Out Against Repression

Iranian intelligence officials have increased the arrests of the country’s Baha’i religious minority over the past two months, with no clear charges, Human Rights Watch said on October 16, 2015. In August and September 2018, authorities arrested more than 20 Baha’i citizens, as well as a city council member who a colleague said offered support for those arrested.

Syria: Residents Blocked From Returning

Government Demolishes Homes, Denies Property Rights

The Syrian government is unlawfully preventing displaced residents from former anti-government-held areas from returning to their properties, Human Rights Watch said on October 16, 2018.

UK: Amend Flawed Counterterrorism Bill

Fifteen-Years for One Click on Terrorist-Related Content

The United Kingdom Parliament should scrap provisions in a new counterterrorism bill that excessively restrict freedom of expression, freedom of movement, and privacy, Human Rights Watch said on October 15, 2018. The draft law punishes a single click on terrorist content online with up to 15 years in prison.

Mali not fulfilling its ‘sovereign role’ in protecting its people: UN human rights expert

Ahead of Mali's 2018 presidential elections, this young women is picking up her new voter's card at an electoral station in Gao, in the country's north.

Saudi Arabia: Reveal Fate of Jamal Khashoggi

Evidence Points to Saudi Responsibility

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman should immediately release all evidence and information Saudi Arabia holds regarding the status of the prominent Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Human Rights Watch said on October 11, 2018. Khashoggi, 59, entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018, and has not been seen or heard from since. Saudi Arabia has denied involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance, claiming he left the consulate alone shortly after his arrival, but has produced no evidence to support the claim.

Belarus: Tajik Soccer Player Faces Extradition

Forced Return Would Violate Ban on Torture, Ill-Treatment

A well-known Tajik athlete faces possible torture or ill-treatment if he is forcibly returned from Belarus to Tajikistan, the Association for Central Asian Migrants, Human Rights Watch, and Norwegian Helsinki Committee said on October 11, 2018. Belarus should not extradite or deport the athlete, Parviz Tursunov, or otherwise facilitate his forced return.

Croatia: End Confinement of People with Disabilities

Ensure Right to Live in the Community, Quality Support Services

Croatia’s government should end the confinement of children and adults in institutions, five disabled people’s and human rights organizations said on October 10 in a letter to Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. Despite some initial progress, the process of moving people out of institutions and into community-based living has stalled, the groups said.