Human Rights

Effectively combatting trafficking of women and girls means understanding it as a form of gender-based violence, say participants at OSCE/ODIHR event at UN

Trafficking of women and girls is a form of gender-based violence, based on inequality, on March 15th, said participants at an event organized by the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) on the sidelines of the 62nd meeting of the UN Commission on the Status of Women, in New York.

OSCE promotes voting rights of people with disabilities in Kazakhstan

A roundtable discussion and seminar dedicated to the promotion of electoral rights of people with disabilities took place on 15 March 2018 in Astana.

Human rights: the Maldives, Sudan and Uganda

MEPs call for respect of human rights in the Maldives, ending of torture practises on detainees in Sudan and of “mercy killings” in Uganda.

Iran: Crackdown on Dervish Minority

Mass Arrests at Protest; Death in Custody

Iranian authorities arrested over 300 members of the minority Dervish Muslim community in late February 2018 after police forcibly tried to break up a protest, Human Rights Watch said on Mar 15, 2018. The events in February stemmed from what appears to be an intensified crackdown on the Dervish minority, including likely ramped-up surveillance of the group’s leader.

Algeria: Deported Migrants Robbed in Mali

Waves of Arbitrary Expulsions

Algerian authorities have arbitrarily deported in the beginning of March more than a hundred migrants of various African nationalities into a lawless zone of neighboring Mali, where armed groups have robbed some of them, Human Rights Watch said on Mar 14, 2018.

Saudi Arabia: Allegations of Abuse, Death in Custody

Detainees Accused of Corruption Denied Due Process

Saudi Arabia should immediately investigate the claims that authorities physically mistreated or coerced prominent people detained in November 2017 and hold those responsible to account, Human Rights Watch said on Mar 14 2018.

UN: Maintain Pressure for Justice on North Korean Abuses

Discussion in Geneva Spotlights Child Labor, Media, Markets, and Accountability

North Korean escapees and criminal justice experts will offer a rare view of pervasive human rights violations in everyday life in North Korea during a side event at the United Nations Human Rights Council session this week, Human Rights Watch said on Mar 13, 2018. These abuses against children, market vendors, and media freedoms are part of the pattern of widespread and systematic violations that demand UN response. Council member states should back justice for gross and systemic rights violations in North Korea by maintaining support for strengthening its field-based structure in Seoul, South Korea, with international criminal justice experts.

OSCE, UNFPA, UNICEF side event underscores need to advance research for effective policies to tackle violence against women and girls

The robust collection of data documenting violence against women and girls and the adoption of policies using the findings can help countries successfully tackle this global scourge, said speakers during a side event held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York, on March 13th.

Singapore: Reject Sweeping Public Order Bill

Proposed Law Would Excessively Restrict Assembly, Speech Rights

Singapore’s proposed public order law would further empower the government to repress freedom of assembly and speech, Human Rights Watch said on Mar 12, 2018. The government should revise the Public Order and Safety (Special Powers) bill, introduced in Parliament on February 27, 2018, to ensure that protection of public safety does not violate fundamental rights.

China: Allow UN Rights Experts into Tibet

International Monitors Need to Investigate Abusive Detentions, Harsh Sentences

The Chinese government’s repression of political dissent in Tibetan areas warrants fact-finding visits by United Nations human rights experts, Human Rights Watch said on Mar 08, releasing a new compilation of cases and sentences against Tibetans.