Human Rights

Human rights experts denounce Trump’s attacks against media

Journalists being briefed during Intra-Syrian talks at the UN Office at Geneva in 2017.

Iran: Environmentalists Face Arbitrary Detention

Activists Face Prolonged Detention, Threat of Torture

Iranian authorities should immediately release eight environmental activists detained for six months unless they can immediately charge them with recognizable crimes and produce evidence to justify their continued detention, Human Rights Watch said on Aug 03, 2018. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) intelligence organization has arrested at least 50 environmental activists across the country since January 2018.

Syria: Armed Group Recruiting Children in Camps

People’s Protection Units Enlist Under 18s from Vulnerable Families

The People’s Protection Units (YPG), the largest member of the Syrian Democratic Forces military alliance in northeast Syria, has been recruiting children, including girls, and using some in hostilities despite pledges to stop the practice, Human Rights Watch said on Aug 03, 2018.

Businesses, don’t risk forced labour affecting your cotton

Louise Eldridge on why businesses should not source cotton from Uzbekistan or Turkmenistan.

Anti-Slavery has worked to end state-sponsored forced labour in the cotton sector in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan for a decade. We have witnessed some changes – particularly in Uzbekistan – so, should businesses now start feeling it is safe to invest in cotton from Central Asia? Whilst there are no prizes for guessing the answers are ‘no’ for both countries, let’s analyse the level and nature of risks that businesses would face if they wanted to source cotton from them.

Legal charges initiated by Turkey against Turkish Cypriot journalists Şener Levent and Ali Osman should be dropped, urges OSCE Representative

OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, on August 2, Harlem Désir in a letter to the Turkish authorities expressed his concern over recent judicial action launched by the country’s prosecution against two journalists of the Turkish Cypriot daily Afrika.

Chinese Police Remove Professor During Broadcast of VOA Program

Chinese police broke into the home of a retired Shandong University professor who is critical of China's human rights record as he was expressing via a telephone interview his opinions on the Voice of America (VOA) Mandarin television show, Issues & Opinions.

UN officials call for children’s rights to be respected in Occupied Palestinian Territory and Israel

On 12 July 2018 in the State of Palestine, 8-year old Hamid looks out over the old city of Hebron from the roof of his house. Checkpoints punctuate Hebron’s old city, part of the area known as H2, and affect the movement of people, including access to education as many children must pass one or more checkpoints on their way to school.

Malaysia: Drop Remaining Sedition Cases

Repeal Law Long Used to Punish Critical Speech

The Malaysian attorney general's office should withdraw all pending cases under the country’s abusive Sedition Act of 1948, Human Rights Watch said on Aug 01, 2018. The recently formed Pakatan Harapan government should promptly seek repeal of the law, which has long been used to prosecute peaceful political dissent.

Greece: Sick Children Blocked From Care

Confining Asylum Seekers to Islands Impedes Medical Treatment

Screenshot taken from video footage of an Afghan woman with her 15-year-old daughter who has multiple disabilities on the ground outside the Moria registration camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. October 5, 2015.

Syria: Thousands of Displaced Confined to Camps

Areas Taken from ISIS Restricting Free Movement

The de facto authorities of two areas of northeast Syria are unlawfully restricting the movement of people who escaped from Islamic State (also known as ISIS)-held areas in displacement camps, Human Rights Watch said on Aug 01, 2018.