Human Rights

Thailand: Drop Cases for Online Reporting on Alleged Rape

Computer Crime Charges Threaten Media Coverage of Abuses

Thai authorities are wrongfully prosecuting online news outlets and social media users for reporting an alleged rape case at a popular tourist island in Thailand, Human Rights Watch said on Sep 07, 2018.

‘Children’s crisis’ in South Sudan must be addressed, says top UN official calling for real accountability

Former child soldiers are released in Yambio in South Sudan in February 2018.

Verdict against South Sudan soldiers ‘finally delivers justice’ – UN Mission

Internally displaced persons slithering at a UN protection of civilians site in Juba, South Sudan, take cover as the compound comes under attack amidst heavy fighting between the SPLA and the SPLA-IO.

Qatar: End All Migrant Worker Exit Visas

New Law Falls Short of Labor Reform Pledges

The bill that Qatar’s emir signed on September 4, 2018 now allows foreign workers the right to leave the country but excludes several key groups of workers and falls short of Qatar’s reform pledges over the last year, Human Rights Watch said on Sep 06, 2018. Qatar, which is hosting the 2022 Football World Cup and employing thousands of extra migrant workers to build infrastructure for the tournament, has come under increased scrutiny of its treatment of foreign workers since winning the bid.

India: Supreme Court Strikes Down Sodomy Law

Upholds Rights to Privacy, Non-discrimination for LGBT People

India’s landmark Supreme Court decision that criminalizing consensual same-sex conduct is unconstitutional is a major victory for human rights and the LGBT people’s rights to privacy and non-discrimination in the world’s second most populous country.

Burundi: ‘They’re hiding the bodies’ after summary executions, say UN investigators

Doudou Diène, President of the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi.

Iran: Intensified Crackdown on Rights Defenders

Lawyers, Women’s Rights Activists Arrested

Iranian authorities have ramped up their crackdown against human rights defenders, Human Rights Watch said on Sep 05. 2018. Since August 31, 2018, they have arrested four more human rights defenders, as well as Reza Khandan, husband of the prominent imprisoned human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh, all in Tehran. The authorities should immediately release these human rights defenders, who appear to have been arrested solely for peaceful dissent.

Mauritania: Rape Survivors at Risk

Inadequate Investigations, Prosecutions, Remedies, Support

The criminalization of sexual relations outside marriage in Mauritania puts rape survivors at risk, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on Sep 05, 2018. The law deters them from filing complaints because they could themselves face prosecution.

Yemen: Coalition Bus Bombing Apparent War Crime

States Supplying Arms Risk Complicity

A Saudi-led coalition airstrike that killed at least 26 children and wounded at least 19 more in or near a school bus in the busy market of Dhahyan, in northern Yemen, on August 9, 2018, is an apparent war crime, Human Rights Watch said on Septemper 02. Countries should immediately halt weapons sales to Saudi Arabia and support strengthening a United Nations independent inquiry into violations by all parties to Yemen’s armed conflict.

Libya: Civilians Killed in Tripoli Clashes

Residents Trapped Between Armed Groups

Rival armed groups have killed at least 18 civilians, including four children, since clashes broke out in the southern suburbs of Tripoli on August 26, 2018, Human Rights Watch said on Sep 01, 2018. Armed groups should urgently allow the hundreds of civilians trapped to leave and allow safe passage of humanitarian and medical aid and take all feasible precautions to avoid or minimize harm to civilians.