Human Rights

UN readying training guidelines to help cabin crews identify, report human trafficking

Silhouette of young girl walking with luggage walking at airport terminal window at sunrise.

UN experts decry Saudi Arabia’s use of anti-terror laws against peaceful activists

Independent Expert on Human Rights Michel Forst.

Iran: Investigate Killings of Protesters

Halt Use of Excessive Force Against Demonstrators

Iranian authorities should refrain from using excessive force, investigate the deaths during the current protests across the country, and remove arbitrary restrictions on internet access, Human Rights Watch said on Jan 02, 2018.

Iraq: Yezidi Fighters Allegedly Execute Civilians

Investigate, Prosecute Armed Group Abuses

Yezidi fighters in Iraq allegedly forcibly disappeared and killed 52 civilians from the Imteywit tribe in June 2017, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 27, 2017.

International Forum in Support of 2017 UN Human Rights Day: Refused to Be Victims of Silence

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Yi- Chuan Lu shared a true story from his classmate. The tax rate in the US is relatively high. But the tax authorities are rather clear-cut about the laws: they return every cent of overpaid tax plus interest back after investigations.

Mexico: Address Chiapas Displacement Crisis

Investigate Armed Attacks; Assist Displaced People

Mexican authorities should investigate armed attacks in Chiapas that have led to the displacement of more than 5,000 people and provide assistance to those in need, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 22.

Syria/Russia: Airstrikes, Siege Killing Civilians

Allow Urgent Aid into Besieged Eastern Ghouta and End Indiscriminate Attacks

Syrian government and Russian forces have escalated their airstrikes on Eastern Ghouta, a suburb approximately 15 kilometers from the center of Syria’s capital Damascus, killing dozens of civilians in apparently unlawful attacks, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 22. Syrian forces have tightened their siege of the enclave, held by anti-government armed groups, severely restricting humanitarian aid in violation of the laws of war and preventing civilians from leaving the area.

Brazil: Investigate Killings in Rio Raid

Army Should Cooperate Fully with Civilian Investigators

Brazilian authorities should conduct thorough, independent, and impartial investigations into the killing of eight people during a joint army and Civil Police raid in a low-income Rio de Janeiro neighborhood on November 11, 2017, Human Rights Watch urged on Dec 22. A new law that expands the jurisdiction of the military justice system to these situations is hampering the investigation, and federal military prosecutors are not doing enough to investigate the case.

Vietnam: Drop Charges Against Activist Tran Thi Nga

Government Tightens Chokehold on Voices of Dissent

Vietnam should immediately release rights activist Tran Thi Nga and the appeals court should drop charges against her when it reviews her case on December 22, 2017, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 19. Tran Thi Nga, also known as Thuy Nga, was sentenced in July to nine years in prison followed by five years of house arrest for “conducting propaganda against the state.”

Nepal: Publish Commission Report on Terai Violence

Victims Await Answers, Redress

Authorities in Nepal should immediately make public the December 14, 2017 report of a special commission on the Terai violence in 2015, Human Rights Watch said on Dec 21. The High-Level Inquiry Commission was established in 2016 to investigate alleged excessive and indiscriminate use of force during violent protests that left at least 45 people dead, including nine police officers.