Participation in sport can improve children’s learning and skills development, new Barça Foundation and UNICEF report finds

Children, including girls, play football at LEC centre of Boulaos in the city of Djibouti.

Autonomous weapons that kill must be banned, insists UN chief

UNMAS, MINUSMA Mark International Day for Mine Awareness. Robots have been deployed for mine...

Best start to education for thousands of preschool children in Za’atari and Azraq refugee camps

They are the same as children all over the world,” says the Kindergarten teacher. “They need to be prepared for school....

“11”: Four decade-old songs renewed in album from children in Syria and the Middle East

Elias Rahbani Studio - Beirut, Lebanon. Elias Rahbani songs workshop. 50 children in two groups...

75 per cent of children with disabilities in Eastern and Central Europe and Central Asia left out of inclusive, quality education

A girl at the TUMO Centre for Creative Technologies. Over 7000 children between 12 to 18 attend workshops and activities at...

Dominican Republic to Scale Up Efforts in Improving Learning

The World Bank approved an additional financing of US$100 million to help the government improve the quality of education and learning in the Dominican Republic.

On their epic journeys, migratory birds connect nations and inspire people, UN says on World Day

Sanderlings, the small wading birds pictured here, are long-distance migrants, wintering...

UNESCO supports world leaders in galvanizing coordinated action for girls’ education

UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay, along with world leaders, notably French...