Africa: Unions work towards unity and education priorities

The importance of trade union unity in terms of development cooperation activities in Africa was underlined during a recent meeting between African education unions and their development cooperation partners.

The Syrian refugee crisis is promoting a surge in privatisation

The interplay between crisis and private profit in the education sector is highlighted in a new study that focuses on the refugee crisis in Syria and the access to education of almost one million displaced children.

UK: Unions demand appropriate reform of primary school assessment system

The proposals were outlined by Education Secretary, Justine Greening, at the end of March and the consultation process is now getting underway.

Australia: Disadvantaged students hit by resource shortages


USA: International symposium puts teachers at core of curriculum development

On 5 April, international experts in education, teachers and policy makers gathered to discuss how education quality can be increased through improved curricula, contemporary and future focused skills, and breadth of learning.

Global education movement advances on its priority themes

From 4-6 April in Brussels, Belgium, Education International (EI) Executive Board (ExBo) members will monitor the implementation of resolutions and policy papers adopted at the 7th EI World Congress held in July 2015 in Ottawa, Canada.

World Bank to Help Strengthen Vocational Education in China’s Gansu Province

The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors on March 31, 2017 approved a $120 million loan to help improve the quality and relevance of vocational schools and strengthen their partnership with industry in China’s Gansu province.

World Bank Approves US$ 185 Million Credit for School Sector Development Program

The World Bank has approved a US$ 185 million credit in support of Nepal’s efforts at improving equity, quality, efficiency, governance and management of basic and secondary education. The credit will finance a slice of the Government of Nepal’s...