UK Tightens Immigration Policy


The British government announced this week that it will tighten its immigration policy and plan to reduce the annual net migration to the UK to 300,000, mainly targeting student and healthcare visas. James Cleverly, the UK Home Secretary, said that the authorities will raise the income threshold and reduce the number of job vacancies, and that the immigration policy must be fair and sustainable.


Stalemate in U.S. Congress Over Aid Budget for Ukraine

The bipartisan U.S. Congress is divided over U.S.-Mexico border security reforms, and the Republican Party continues to boycott the Biden administration's $106 billion national security budget, which includes aid for Ukraine, leading to the unilateral cancellation of Ukrainian President Zelens' scheduled video address to the U.S. Senate on the 5th.


Venezuela and Guyana Tense over Sovereignty Issues

Tensions between Venezuela and Guyana escalated on May 5 when Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro proposed in a government meeting to submit a bill to the National Assembly to create a state called Guayana Esequiba in the area that Guyana has governed for more than a century, and to order the state oil company to issue licenses to extract crude oil.


South Korea's Birthrate Hits All-Time Low

In recent years, South Korea's rapidly declining fertility rate has caused concern among international observers, with experts saying that South Korea's rapidly declining population poses a serious threat to its economy and defense, and is even facing the risk of being annexed by North Korea to the south.


Israel Plans to Flood Tunnels to Force Out Hamas

According to media reports, citing U.S. officials, Israel plans to install large pumps to divert seawater into the tunnels at Hamas to force out the militants, a move that could affect the water supply for people in the Gaza Corridor and cause ecological damage, but is also one of the options for permanently destroying the tunnels at Hamas.


Mount Merapi in Indonesia Erupts


Indonesia West Sumatra (West Sumatra) Merapi volcano (Marapi) erupted a few days ago (3), the Indonesian rescue team actively launched a search and rescue, found the remains of 11 mountaineers, 3 mountaineers survived, there are still 12 mountaineers unaccounted for.


Myanmar Conflict Intensifies


The civil war that started in Burma the year before last has not yet subsided. On the 3rd of March, Thailand's foreign minister declared that if the conflict in Burma continues to escalate, there is a danger that refugees will be displaced, and that Thailand is ready to set up refugee shelters on the Thai-Burma border.


Fatal Crash in Paraguay: Congressman Walter Harms Among Four Victims


The South American state of Paraguay, where a small plane crashed 180 kilometers from the capital, Asuncion, on the 2nd of February, killing Congressman Walter Harms and his team, a total of four people.


Philippines Continues to Experience Aftershocks! Largest Recorded at 6.6 Magnitude

U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) data pointed out that the southern waters of the Philippines at 6:35 p.m. on the evening of the 3rd, the size of the 6.6 earthquake occurred again at a depth of 56 kilometers, the epicenter of the quake is quite close to the location of the strong earthquake on the 2nd, the Meteorological Department has not been issued tsunami warnings against the earthquake, which is one of a series of strong aftershocks of the size of the earthquake occurred last night, after the magnitude of the 7.6 quake.


Ukraine Accused of Raiding Russian Territory, Blowing Up Sino-Russian Railway Tunnel

European media outlet reports that the Ukrainian security service carried out an attack deep into enemy Russian territory, blowing up the main railroad connecting Russia to China, an incident that Russian authorities are investigating as a terrorist attack.

The Ukrainian Security Service (USSR) has triggered several explosions in the Severomuisky tunnel, the main transportation road linking Russia and China, paralyzing the main transport railroad, a Ukrainian official said.