Human Rights

Human rights: Belarus journalists win World Press Freedom Prize

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Protesters detained during demonstrations in Minsk, Belarus, are released from prison.

Russia: Respect the Rights of Prisoners of War

Broadcasting Images, Interviews with Captured Soldiers Violates Geneva Conventions

Russian authorities should stop broadcasting programs featuring images of and interviews with captured Ukrainian soldiers that expose them to public curiosity, Human Rights Watch said on April 28, 2022. Such treatment of prisoners of war, or POWs, violates protections under the Geneva Conventions intended to ensure dignified treatment of captured combatants on all sides.

European Union: Rules for Batteries Should Cover Bauxite, Copper, Iron

New Law Includes Obligation to Address Abuses in Battery Supply Chains

A man washes clothes next to a road used by a bauxite mining consortium in Guinea, West Africa. Local community members said that the construction of mining roads blocked rivers and streams, diverting their course and reducing water levels in local wells.

Pakistan: Amend Abusive ‘Blood Money’ Laws

Stop Treating Murder as a Private Matter

The Pakistan government should amend provisions of the criminal law that treat murder and other serious offenses as private disputes, Human Rights Watch said on April 26, 2022. These legal provisions, called “blood money” laws, allow and at times compel victims of serious crimes or their families to “forgive” suspects and drop criminal charges, typically out of fear of retaliation or in exchange for financial compensation.

Egypt: Two Singers Convicted on ‘Morality’ Charges

Prison Terms, Fines Violate Freedom of Expression

An Egyptian court sentenced two singers to a year in prison and fines on March 28, 2022, on charges that violate their right to freedom of expression, Human Rights Watch said on April 27, 2022. The government should announce that it will not enforce the court judgment and will take steps to repeal the cybercrime law articles criminalizing free expression.

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France: Crucial Need for Macron to Focus on Rights

During Second Term Make Rights a Priority Both at Home and Abroad

It is crucial for President Emmanuel Macron to make human rights a priority of both his domestic and his foreign policy in his second term, Human Rights Watch said on April 25, 2022.

Urgently Help Ukraine Civilians Flee Mariupol

Guterres Should Press Russia to Allow Aid, Routes Out to Ukraine-Controlled Areas

Russian forces now occupying most of Ukraine’s southeastern port city of Mariupol should ensure that civilians remaining in the city can leave in safety to Ukraine-controlled territory if they choose, Human Rights Watch said on April 26, 2022. Older people, people with disabilities, and those who are sick or injured require special attention.

Israel: Release Long Detained Gaza Aid Worker

6 Years After Arrest, Mohammad al-Halabi Has Not Been Convicted of a Crime

Israeli authorities should immediately release Mohammad al-Halabi, a humanitarian worker from Gaza detained for nearly six years both before and during his trial, Human Rights Watch said on April 25, 2022. The Israeli Supreme Court on February 17, 2022, renewed al-Halabi’s detention for 90 days: its 23rd such renewal.

Malaysia: End Secrecy on Major Land Deal in Sabah

Uphold Rights of Affected Forest Communities

The Sabah state government in Malaysia should immediately make public the terms and status of a land deal that would hand management of 4.9 million acres of tropical forest to a foreign company for up to 200 years, Human Rights Watch said on April 25, 2022. The Sabah government is obligated to respect and protect the rights of the communities and tens of thousands of Indigenous people who call the forest their home and derive their livelihoods from it, and to ensure that any deal reached with the company upholds these rights.