Human Rights

US: Renew ‘Temporary Protection’ for Yemenis

The United States government should renew its grant of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to Yemenis living in the US, Human Rights Watch said on July 03, 2018. Anyone forcibly returned to Yemen faces serious risks to their personal safety from the...

US: Undocumented Crime Fighters Deserve Protection

Undocumented immigrants brave enough to come forward to report crime, need to know they can safely approach police without fear of deportation, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on July 03, 2018. Congress should preserve and expand...

Indonesia: Anti-LGBT Crackdown Fuels Health Crisis

Indonesian authorities are fueling an HIV epidemic through complicity in discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. The government’s failure to halt arbitrary and unlawful raids by police and militant Islamists on...

Myanmar: Free Reuters Journalists, Drop Case

Myanmar authorities should release two Reuters journalists detained for investigating a military massacre of Rohingya Muslims and drop the case against them, Human Rights Watch said on July 01, 2018. The day after, a Yangon court will hear final...

Myanmar: Prosecute Dismissed Officers for Atrocities

The Myanmar government should prosecute recently removed army officers for their role in atrocities against ethnic Rohingya, Human Rights Watch said on Jun 29, 2018. On June 25, 2018, in a statement posted on a Myanmar military Facebook page, the...

UN rights expert ‘strongly recommends’ probe by International Criminal Court into ‘decades of crimes’ in Myanmar

Special Rapporteur on the human rights situation in Myanmar Yanghee Lee.

UN: Dangerous Double Standard on Children in Conflict

The United Nations secretary-general’s new report on children and armed conflict sets a damaging precedent by ignoring or downplaying some countries’ abuses in his annual “list of shame,” Human Rights Watch said on Jun 27, 2018.

Cambodia: Hun Sen’s Abusive Generals

Cambodia’s increasingly dictatorial, one-party rule is underpinned by generals in the security forces who are responsible for serious and systematic human rights violations, Human Rights Watch said in a new report on Jun 28, 2018. Prime Minister Hun...

Torture is unacceptable and unjustified ‘at all times’ underscore top UN officials

Torture in any form, is absolutely unacceptable and can never be justified, top United Nations officials said on Tuesday, urging great support for victims worldwide.

EU: Decisive Moment for Migration Policy

An European Union summit in Brussels starting on June 28, 2018, is likely to be a critical moment for the development of EU migration policy, Human Rights Watch said.