Human Rights

Venezuela prisons ‘beyond monstrous’, UN warns, highlighting plight of Colombian detainees

A prison cell.

Ghana: Oversight Needed to Enforce Shackling Ban

Hundreds of people with real or perceived mental health conditions remain chained or confined in prayer camps in Ghana, despite some progress, one year after the government pledged to enforce a ban on shackling, Human Rights Watch said on October 09,...

Bullying: Protection for children is a ‘fundamental human right’ says top UN advocate

Peer mediators simulate a case of bullying at Branko Radicevic School in Mitrovica North, on...

Sri Lanka: Government Slow to Return Land

The Sri Lankan government has yet to fully restore civilian ownership of land and property nearly a decade since the end of the civil war in 2009, Human Rights Watch said in a report released on October 09, 2018. Progress, particularly since the...

Jordan: Small Step for Non-Citizen Children

Jordan’s cabinet on September 10, 2018 removed a barrier to services for non-citizen children of Jordanian women, Human Rights Watch said on October 07, 2018. The measure does not ensure full equality in citizenship laws for Jordanian women and their...

Paris: Dire Situation for Migrant Adolescents Arriving Alone

Paris child protection authorities employ inadequate procedures that arbitrarily deny formal recognition as a child to unaccompanied migrant children, denying many the services they desperately need.

India: 7 Rohingya Deported to Myanmar

The Indian government has deported seven ethnic Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar, where they are at grave risk of abuse, Human Rights Watch said. The Indian foreign ministry said that on October 4, 2018, Indian authorities handed over the men to Myanmar...

Human Rights breaches in China, Belarus and United Arab Emirates

MEPs deplore arbitrary arrests and detentions of ethnic minorities, journalists and human rights defenders in China, Belarus and the United Arab Emirates.

UK leads the charge in eradicating modern slavery

A new programme supporting Pakistan tackle child labour, has been launched by the UK government. The AAWAZ II programme, which has been launched by the UK’s Department for International Development, will enable communities and support stronger...

Child sexual abuse and exploitation: UN event sheds light on the unthinkable

An 18-year-old girl at a centre for abused and trafficked children in Almaty city, Kazakhstan...