Human Rights

UN expert urges Japan to ‘step up pressure’ on Myanmar junta

image1170x530cropped (4)_19_0_0.jpgRohingya refugees walk ashore after traveling by boat from Myanmar on the Bay of Bengal...

China: 'Vocational training' programmes for Tibetans carry risk of forced labour

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Two elderly Tibetan people walk to a religious event in Lhasa.

Thailand: Free Girl Detained for ‘Defaming Monarchy’

Thai authorities should immediately drop charges and release a 15-year-old student activist detained for allegedly defaming the monarchy, Human Rights Watch said on April 28, 2023.

Tanzania: Maasai Forcibly Displaced for Game Reserve

The Tanzanian government’s forced eviction of Maasai communities from areas in northern Tanzania they have long inhabited violates their rights to land, livelihood, and culture, Human Rights Watch said on April 27, 2023. Since June 2022, the...

Turkish Border Guards Torture, Kill Syrians

Turkish border guards are indiscriminately shooting at Syrian civilians on the border with Syria, as well as torturing and using excessive force against asylum seekers and migrants trying to cross into Turkey, Human Rights Watch said on April 27, 2023...

Rights office calls on Russia and Ukraine to observe rules of war, after alleged POW executions

A soldier stands guard at a Ukrainian military checkpoint on the contact line in Bakhmut,...

Singapore: OHCHR calls on authorities to halt imminent trafficking execution

The Spokesperson for UN human rights office OHCHR, on Tuesday urged the Government of Singapore to “urgently reconsider” carrying out the execution of a man convicted for allegedly using his phone to coordinate the trafficking of cannabis.

Ethiopia: Companies Long Ignored Gold Mine Pollution

A company operating a gold mine in Ethiopia, Midroc Investment Group, and the Swiss refinery Argor-Heraeus that sourced its gold took no action over media reports about pollution from the mine for years, Human Rights Watch said on April 26, 2023. An...

Peru: Egregious Abuses by Security Forces

Peru’s military and police likely carried out extrajudicial or arbitrary killings and committed other egregious abuses against demonstrators and bystanders during protests from December 2022 through February 2023, Human Rights Watch said in a report...

Iran: Security Forces Kill, Torture, Abuse Children

Iran’s security forces repressing widespread protests have unlawfully killed, tortured, sexually assaulted, and disappeared children as part of a pattern of serious violations, Human Rights Watch said on April 25, 2023.