DNA damage caused by cancer treatment reversed by ZATT protein

An international team led by scientists at the National Institutes of Health is the first to discover a new way that cells fix an important and dangerous type of DNA damage known as a DNA-protein crosslink (DPC).

WHO provides 1.2 million antibiotics to fight plague in Madagascar

WHO has delivered nearly 1.2 million doses of antibiotics and released US$1.5 million dollars in emergency funds to fight plague in Madagascar.

World’s second largest oral cholera vaccination campaign kicks off at Rohingya camps in Bangladesh

A child receives an oral cholera vaccination as part of a cholera immunization campaign...

Creating a healthy workplace improves mental wellbeing and productivity – UN

World Mental Health Day is marked on 10 October each year, with this year looking at mental health in the...

Monoclonal antibodies against Zika show promise in monkey study

Zika virus particles (red) shown in African green monkey kidney cells.

Americans in rural areas more likely to die by suicide

Statement by Panos Moumtzis, the Regional Humanitarian Coordinator for the Syria Crisis on the recent escalation of violence in SyriaRural counties consistently had higher suicide rates than metropolitan counties from 2001-2015, according to data...

Health & Environmental Organizations Warn EPA They Plan To SUE Over Delayed Smog Cleanup

Matthew Elliot of the California Nurses Association rallied outside the EPA's hearing in...

Multiple research approaches are key to pandemic preparedness, NIAID officials say

Preparedness in the face of major disease outbreaks can save thousands of lives: Rapid deployment of effective diagnostics, treatments, and vaccines may even stop the disease from potentially exploding into a pandemic.

Partners commit to reduce cholera deaths by 90% by 2030

An ambitious new strategy to reduce deaths from cholera by 90% by 2030 will be launched tomorrow by the Global Task Force on Cholera Control (GTFCC), a diverse network of more than 50 UN and international agencies, academic institutions, and NGOs that...

Cancers Associated with Overweight and Obesity Make up 40 percent of Cancers Diagnosed in the United States

13 Cancers are associated with overweight and obesity