Devastating Landslide Strikes Remote Mountain Region in South Pacific Islands and Papua New Guinea


 2024-05-26 上午11.52.41.png

The landslide occurred at 3 a.m. local time, burying at least 1,100 houses and over 300 people across 3 to 4 football field-sized affected areas in six villages. Most villagers were asleep when the landslide hit, leaving them no time to escape. Due to the remote and treacherous terrain, helicopter rescue teams are the only means of reaching the disaster zone. Prime Minister James Marape of Papua New Guinea has mobilized rescue personnel, defense forces, and engineering teams to aid in recovery efforts.

While the cause of the landslide remains unclear, there were no signs of an earthquake.

The region is known for its gold mines, and ongoing mining activities may have contributed. With heavy rainfall being common in this equatorial area south of the equator, the Red Cross speculates that excessive rain could be a likely factor. Authorities from Papua New Guinea and neighboring Australia have urgently deployed military and medical personnel to assist affected communities.

However, ongoing landslides continue to pose risks to other villages in the vicinity.