Finland and UK Strengthen Strategic Partnership in Response to Russian Threat


 2024-05-21 下午2.29.47_1.png

Finland and the United Kingdom signed a "Strategic Partnership Agreement” on May 20, stating that Russia poses the "most significant and direct threat" to peace and stability in Europe. Consequently, they pledged to cooperate to defend regional security and reaffirmed their joint support for Ukraine's steadfast position.

In a joint statement, British Foreign Minister David Cameron and Finnish Foreign Minister Elina Valtonen pointed out that Russia's illegal aggression against Ukraine has fundamentally altered the security environment in Europe. Therefore, the UK will join forces with Finland to counter various threats from Russia, including disinformation, malicious cyber activities, and hybrid attacks. They also vowed to continue supporting Ukraine in its resistance against Russia and in the post-war reconstruction and modernization process.

Cameron emphasized that Finland is a long-standing partner of the UK and a NATO ally. He pledged to provide military assistance and training to Ukraine together with Finland and expand cooperation with Finland in technology, trade, investment, and combating illegal immigration based on shared values.

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Finland joined the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and signed a "Defense Cooperation Agreement" (DCA) with the United States, allowing US troops to enter Finnish bases. Finland has actively cooperated with NATO allies, participated in various joint exercises, and closed most of its borders with Russia in response to threats from Russia. The UK is a major supplier of military equipment to Ukraine.