Italian Senator Lucio Malan Rings the Bell of World Peace and Love


Italian Senator Lucio Malan rings The Bell of World Peace and Love, becoming the 552nd bell ringer globally.

Italy, renowned as a nexus of world culture, art, and history, is also the birthplace of the global Renaissance. The Love of the World Cultural Goodwill Group embarked on a visit to key cities in Italy from May 7th to 15th, engaging in exchanges with leaders from the cultural, political, and religious spheres. Their mission was to promote the ideals of conscience, love, and peace, and to unite international figures in injecting positive energy into the world. On May 14, the group visited the Parliament of Rome in Italy and invited Lucio Malan, leader of the majority party Fratelli d’Italia (FdI) in the Senate and former secretary of the Senate (2006 ~ 2013), to ring the World Love Peace Bell. Became the 552nd bell ringer in the world, Lucio Malan deeply felt that war is destroying nations, emphasizing the need for more peace in people's hearts, and expressed a wish for peace: "May peace dwell in our hearts and be brought into the world."

Dr. Hong presents Lucio Malan with the Key to the Heart, symbolizing that conscience is the key to unlocking a brighter future for the world.

Lucio Malan is a prominent political leader in Italy, having served as a member of both the Italian Senate and Chamber of Deputies for many years. He is known for his oversight on various issues including the economy, democratic governance, education, gender, social justice, religious freedom, and national finances.

Members of the FOWPAL delegation come from various countries including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, and Taiwan, among others.

During the visit to the Senate, the delegation performed the song "Children from Heaven" with angelic voices, offering prayers for humanity. After ringing the bell, Lucio Malan expressed that the bell-ringing ceremony was deeply touching and meaningful. He emphasized that war is currently ravaging nations and stressed the importance of fostering more peace in people's hearts, which can be brought to our families, nations, and the entire world. Describing "Children from Heaven" as a profoundly uplifting performance, Malan praised the song's emotional depth and expressed hope for creating harmony in the world and in life.

The FOWPAL delegation engaged in discussions with the public about conscience, love, and peace in front of the Arch of Constantine in Rome.

Lucio Malan also endorsed the "Declaration of World Day of the Power of Hope"and shared his wish, stating, "We must start from ourselves, then extend to others, uphold principles in life, and strive for mutual understanding and harmonious coexistence with family, friends, and even those who differ from us."

Members of the FOWPAL delegation performed the song "Children from Heaven" with angelic voices in the Roman Senate, offering prayers for humanity.

Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze, President of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) and the leader of Tai Ji Men, delivered a speech stating, “For over 50 years, I have led my dizi (apprentices) and members of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) to visit every populated continent, earning the title of "International Ambassadors of Peace and Goodwill." Throughout this journey, we have embraced the principle that true love knows no boundaries. Through the exchange of goodness between cultures, we aim to inspire the love in people's hearts, awaken the conscience in the depths of their hearts, and connect hearts, breaking down the barriers between countries, and motivating global citizens to move towards the beautiful vision of a world united as one family.

In today's challenging global environment, marked by natural disasters and ongoing regional conflicts, people are gripped by fear and profound anxiety, longing for peace and security. Different countries, faiths, races, and religions need to respect, understand, and tolerate each other. The awareness of "one world" needs to be strengthened among all global citizens. We must recognize the interconnected and mutually beneficial relationship between humans and nature. Everyone and everything in our global community share a common destiny, with Earth being our only home. Only by collaborating can we collectively turn the corner, preserving the life forces of our planet for future generations.

Peace needs love, and love needs balance. The balance of the heart comes from the implementation of conscience. Conscience supersedes all human-made laws and serves as the ultimate judge in the universe. Conscience guides us to distinguish between good and bad, truth and falsehood, as well as right and wrong. In the chaotic world, it leads the way to the right path.”

Dr. Hong presented the Key to the Heart to Lucio Malan, symbolizing that conscience is the key to unlocking a brighter future for the world. He encouraged sincere wishes and actions for peace, affirming that through the dissemination of the bell's sound, blessings will be bestowed upon Italy and the world. Dr. Massimo Introvigne, a sociologist of religion from Italy, and Marco Respinti, Executive Editor of "Bitter Winter" magazine, also attended the bell-ringing ceremony as witnesses.

Dr. Massimo Introvigne stated that Dr. Hong has been warmly welcomed at many historical sites in Italy, and he received the 2024 Turin Global Peace Award from the FEDINSIEME (Faiths Together) committee for his contributions to cross-cultural and interreligious dialogue at the the Turin International Book Fair (Salone Internazionale del Libro Torino). He believes that disciples should continue to strive for peace, love, and conscience, as well as religious freedom based on the Tai Ji Men case and legal reforms, because without justice, there can be no peace.

For years, Dr. Hong, Tao-Tze has led disciples of Tai Ji Men and members of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) worldwide in initiating the Movement of An Era of Conscience since 2014. Since 2018, they have collaborated with various countries' Permanent Missions to the United Nations to promote the resolution "Promoting a Culture of Peace with Love and Conscience," leading to the establishment of International Conscience Day on April 5th by the United Nations in 2019. This day calls on everyone to act according to their conscience to build a harmonious and sustainable world. This year, they have been actively advocating for issues related to World Day of the Power of Hope at the United Nations, mobilizing global selfless actions to unite for the sake of humanity's peaceful and sustainable existence, earning widespread praise. The members of FOWPAL on this visit come from various countries including the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, Italy, and Taiwan, among others.