Bangkok Faces Climate Crisis: Consideration of Relocation Due to Rising Sea Level


Recent reports indicate that the population of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, has exceeded ten million. However, the city faces challenges due to global warming and rising sea levels. Officials from Thailand’s Climate Change and Environment Agency have expressed concern that Bangkok, with its low-lying terrain, may be submerged by seawater by the end of the 21st century. Authorities are actively researching adaptation measures, including the possibility of relocating the capital.

The report highlights that Deputy Director Pavich Kesavawong of the Climate Change and Environment Agency has suggested studying the Netherlands’ approach to flood prevention. The Netherlands, a low-lying European country, has successfully used levees to combat seawater intrusion during rainy seasons.

Additionally, Kesavawong revealed that relocation is also under consideration. However, this plan presents complex challenges and substantial costs, estimated at 32 billion US dollars. Notably, Southeast Asian countries have precedents for capital relocation, with Indonesia’s new capital, “Nusantara,” set to be completed this year, replacing the sinking former capital, Jakarta.