Moscow Music Hall Terror Attack Death Toll Rises to 115


A music hall in the suburbs of Moscow, the capital of Russia, was attacked by terrorists on the night of the 22nd, resulting in over a hundred deaths. This is the most severe terrorist attack in Russia in recent years. US intelligence indicates that the crime was committed by the ISIS terrorist organization. However, the Russian president stated that five gunmen have been arrested and that there were people in Ukraine prepared to assist the gunmen in crossing the border to escape, but Ukraine has denied any involvement.

On the night of the 22nd, gunmen broke into the music hall in Krasnogorsk, located in the western suburbs of Moscow. The gunmen first set fire to chairs to block the entrance and exit, then opened fire on the crowd and threw grenades. Foreign media reported that the music hall, which can accommodate 6,200 seats, was packed with people at the time, resulting in serious casualties. The gunmen all successfully escaped. The Russian authorities currently confirm that the death toll has reached more than 115, including three children, and fear it may exceed 140.

The ISIS-K branch of ISIS later claimed the crime on the social media platform Telegram and posted footage of the gunmen wearing GoPros on Twitter, also claiming that the attackers "have all safely returned to base". Russian President Putin made a statement in the afternoon of the 23rd, stating that the country will mourn for one day on the 24th and that the gunmen have been arrested. State media reported that the National Security Agency has detained 11 suspects, four of whom are terrorist shooters. Russian state media currently do not acknowledge that this event was caused by ISIS, and claim that these gunmen attempted to flee to Ukraine. Russian President Medvedev has publicly accused the terrorist attack of being the work of the Kiev authorities. Ukraine denies involvement and accuses Russia of staging the event.