U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Colorado Ruling, Restores Trump's Eligibility for Presidential Campaign


The United States Supreme Court, with unanimous agreement from all nine justices,"overturned" the Colorado state court's ruling that had barred former President "Donald Trump" from participating in the presidential primaries due to his alleged involvement in the "January 6, 2021 Capitol riot". The Supreme Court emphasized that the power to determine a candidate's eligibility belongs to "Congress", not individual states. This decision "restores Trump's eligibility" for the 2024 presidential primaries and has implications for similar cases in other states.

According to the "14th Amendment" of the U.S. Constitution, anyone who has sworn allegiance to the Constitution but later engages in acts of "rebellion or insurrection" or provides aid to enemies of the country is disqualified from serving as a "congressional senator, representative, president, or vice president". However, the federal justices clarified that the authority to exercise this right lies solely with Congress, and states do not have the power to invoke this provision to interfere with federal duties, especially the office of the presidency. Consequently, despite varying reasons among the justices, the final ruling was unanimous.

Trump expressed relief and elation at the unanimous vote of the justices, describing it as a symbol of "America's great victory."