Rise in Deaths Due to Noto Peninsula Earthquake in Year 6 of Reiwa Era


With the start of the year 2024, the Noto Peninsula Earthquake has entered its 4th day, and according to Japan's NHK, the number of deaths in Ishikawa Prefecture due to the quake has increased to 73 as of 6:00 p.m. on the 3rd. There were 39 cases in Wajima City, 23 cases in Suzu City, 5 cases in Nanao City, 2 cases each in Anamizu Town and Noto Town, and 1 death each in Hago City and Shiga Town. In addition to this, many houses have collapsed in Wajima City, Suzu City and Noto Town, 25 people are missing, and there are 323 people with minor and serious injuries. The overall situation of the disaster is not yet fully understood, and local governments are continuing to look into the situation.

According to Ishikawa Prefecture, a total of 183 houses in the prefecture have collapsed or partially collapsed due to the earthquake. In neighboring Toyama Prefecture, 36 people were injured, including 3 seriously, and 57 houses were damaged. In Niigata Prefecture, 26 people were injured, 420 houses were damaged, and soil liquefaction occurred in 44 areas in the western district of Niigata City. In Fukui Prefecture, 6 people were injured, and 1 person was hospitalized in each of Gifu and Nagano Prefectures.

More than 110,000 households in Ishikawa and Toyama Prefectures are still without water supply, and the lack of water, food and fuel is causing problems for residents. Damage to roads is affecting the operations of DMAT rescue teams, and the runway at Noto Airport remains closed. Aftershocks continue to occur in the area with magnitude 3 to 5.