Collision Between Japanese Airliner and Coast Guard Aircraft near Haneda Airport


Tokyo Haneda Airport, a serious accident occurred on the 2nd, a Japan Airlines (Japan Airlines) flight and the Japanese Maritime Safety Agency aircraft collided, resulting in the Maritime Safety Agency aircraft in addition to the captain of all five people died.

According to reports, the Maritime Safety Agency plane was on its way to earthquake-stricken Niigata Prefecture to carry out rescue work. All 379 passengers and crew on board the flight were evacuated after the JAL flight from Hokkaido's New Chitose Airport landed at Haneda Airport and collided with the JMSA plane, catching fire. Firefighters worked to put out the fire.

The accident of the Japanese airliner is an Airbus A350 model, the age of the aircraft is only 2 years, the Airbus company will work with the French Air Accident Investigation Office to form an expert team to arrive in Japan on the 3rd to help.