Peru's Congress Postpones Debate on Election Proposal


Lawmakers in Peru have postponed debate on a proposal from embattled President Dina Boularte to schedule general elections for later this year.

Congress was scheduled to debate the proposal on Monday, but the legislature issued a statement that a debate has been delayed until Tuesday.

A proposal to move the elections scheduled in 2026 to April 2024 has attracted growing support in Congress, but President Boularte is pressuring lawmakers to approve her proposal in order to quell the massive unrest sparked by last December’s ouster of her predecessor, Pedro Castillo, after he attempted to dissolve the legislature.

Boularte said Sunday if her proposal is rejected she will propose a reform to Peru’s constitution to hold the elections in October.

The protests have led to street blockades that have caused shortages of food, fuel and other basic supplies across Peru. More than 40 people have died as a result of the demonstrations, including a protester who died in the capital, Lima, on Saturday after receiving what authorities said was a blow to the head.

Source: Voice of America