Suspect Charged With Attempted Murder in New York's Times Square Attack


Police in New York City on Monday arrested a man on charges of attempted murder in an attack with a machete on officers near Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Police say the 19-year-old suspect, identified as Trevor Bickford, injured two officers during the attack, which took place at a security screening area outside Times Square set up to protect revelers gathered on New Year's Eve.

Authorities say the suspect allegedly struck one officer with the blade of the machete and hit another officer in the head with the handle. Police shot the suspect in the shoulder during the confrontation. The suspect and the two injured officers were treated at a hospital.

Police are recommending the suspect be charged with two counts of attempted murder as well as two counts of assault.

The attack took place two hours before midnight Saturday, briefly sending people in the area running for safety. The festivities in Times Square continued after the incident.

A law enforcement official told The Associated Press that officers are still working to determine a motive for the attack and are reviewing the suspect's online postings, some of which included mentions of Islamic extremist views.

The official said investigators believe Bickford, who is from Maine, traveled to New York City earlier in the week and are looking into whether he made the trip specifically to carry out the attack.

Source: Voice of America