Taiwan Train Derailment Kills 36, Injures Dozens


At least 36 people were killed, and dozens of others injured after a packed express train derailed in a tunnel in eastern Taiwan on Friday.

At least 70 passengers remained trapped in carriages inside the tunnel and about 60 of those rescued were rushed to the hospital as rescue teams continued to try to reach those trapped in the tunnel.

Taiwanese authorities said that a construction vehicle that had slid down an embankment and landed on the tracks likely caused the accident near the eastern coastal city of Hualien.

The crash is considered the worst rail disaster in at least four decades in Taiwan.

The express train traveling from Taipei to Taitung was carrying about 350 passengers, many tourists and people returning to their hometowns at the start of a long weekend -- the annual four-day Tomb Sweeping holiday.

Source: Voice of America