The Most Beautiful Prison in the World

With efforts on prisoners confidence, Norway build a humanitarian prison


Do you believe that the most beautiful jail is located in Norway? The Norwegian government spent a fortune to construct a humanitarian and extremely luxurious prison in an effort to help prisoners boost their confidence. It is hoped that these inmates will be able to fit smoothly into society after leaving prison. The facilities include a church, a field, a studio, etc. It also provides cooking classes. Each prisoner has his/her own individual room just like a small suite.
With warm sunshine and green lawns, the prison provides convicts with a place where they can rebuild their hearts and souls and shed the identity of being convicts. Therapeutic education and work are offered to help rebuild their confidence so as to allow them to transit easily into society and go back to their normal lives after leaving prison.
In addition to humanitarian facilities, the prison also prides itself on humanitarian systems. The prisoners are not shackled and have 18 days of vacation each year. Those with children can even have 30 days of vacation. There are reform classes for drug users, alcoholics, and those committed crime of violence. Half of the prison staff is female and gets along with the inmates peacefully. Full of enthusiasm and vitality, the staff intends to infuse the inmates with good influence and make them feel the warmth of home. According to statistics, in Norway, the rate of committing crime again by former prisoners within the first two years of leaving prison is more than twice as low as that in England and the U.S.A.