Respected Taiwnese Actor Hsiang-ting Ke Finishes his Walk of Life

With 93 years long life, Ke contricuted numerous movies in Taiwan entertainment histrory


Taiwan's well respected actor Hsiang-ting Ke, passed away on the 16th from multiple organ failure at age 93.

He contributed to many well-known Taiwanese movies like Oyster Girl, Beautiful Duckling, Small Town Story, Autumn, The Sea of a Ship, Heart with Million Knots. With exquisite acting abilities, he received two Golden Horse Awards for Best Actor, for movies Beautiful Duckling and The Mountains are Green. In 2005 he received the 42nd Golden Horse award for his lifelong achievements. He gave his best in a 60 year cycle, to Taiwan's movie industry.

Hsiang-ting Ke's son is Entertainer Hsian-Pao Ke, his god-daughter is actress Lydia Shum. Hsiang-ting Ke received the 42nd Golden Horse award for lifelong achievements from Lydia Shum, the inheritance was very meaningful. As all three have past away, everything remains in our memories.