The World Needs Love, Peace, and Conscience

The 101st Nation of FOWPAL’s Peace Journey


Ankara, the capital of Turkey, is the center converging politics and culture. The delegation of the Federation of World Peace and Love (FOWPAL) arrived at Ankara on Oct. 19th, 2019, to stay for three days and have two meetings with Ms. Züleyha Sara Baran, secretary of Mr. Cevdet Yilmaz, Member of the Grand National Assembly and Vice Chairman of the Justice and Development Party; Mr. Hayrettin Cetin, Deputy Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, and Mr. M. Masum Sun, Director of Foreign Relations. The delegates of FOWPAL shared the message: the United Nations designated April 5th as the International Day of Conscience.

Dr. Hung presented the Compass Clock of Conscience to the members of Parliament and Vice Chairman of the Justice Development Party (Milletvekili-AK Parti Genel Başkan Yardımcısı) Mr. Cevdet Yılmaz. His secretary Ms. Züleyha Sara Baran received the clock on his behalf.

The encounter with Mr. Cevdet Yilmaz can be dated back to 2012 during the conference of Rio+20 in Brazil. Mr. Yilmaz rang the Bell of World Peace and Love, made a peace wish, and exchanges thoughts with delegations. On behalf of Mr. Yilmaz, Ms. Züleyha Sara Baran, the secretary of Mr. Yilmaz, met with the delegation this year. After the cultural exchanges with FOWPAL, Ms. Züleyha Sara Baran said we really need love, peace, and conscience; this world needs them as well.

Dr. Hong, President of FOWPAL, and Mr. Hayrettin Çetin, Deputy Mayor of Ankara, shared the concept of promoting a culture of conscience internationally and exchanged experiences.

During the meeting with Mr. Hayrettin Çetin, Deputy Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, and M. Masum Sun, Director of Foreign Relations, Mr. Cetin emphasized that Turkey has been implementing conscience-driven policies at home and abroad. For instance, Turkey provided shelter to nearly four million refugees in recent years. Dr. Hong agreed and indicated that “A good culture leads to quality education. Quality education brings about sound economy, which is essential for good development.” Dr. Hong highlighted that conscience is the foundation of a positive development for a country.

Dr. Hong presented the Compass Clock of Conscience to Ankara Deputy Mayor Hayrettin Çetin. This clock symbolizes that people follow the guidance of conscience all the time. Mr. Çetin agrees with this idea.

In addition, Dr. Hong also pointed out at a world sustainability conference held in Sinai Peninsula, Egypt that in view of the current environmental pollution and global warming, if the external environment cannot be adjusted, it is necessary to start from the internal environment, which is the “heart.” Only by having a loving heart can we change the current situation. The Deputy Mayor agreed with Dr. Hong and thanked him and FOWPAL for their peace and love endeavors. He looks forward to the fruits of Ankara’s dedication. He said that he hopes more people in the world will learn to be conscientious and compassionate and work together because of the International Day of Conscience.

FOWPAL also met with Mr. Ali Yıldırım, who received FOWPAL on behalf of the Mayor of Istanbul. FOWPAL presented a Compass Clock of Conscience to the municipality and invited them to respond to the International Day of Conscience. The delegation then visited well-known local attractions such as Crocus City, Sidlik Hills, Anatolian Museum of Civilization to interact with residents and tourists from all over the world, inviting them to endorse the Declaration of International Day of Conscience and spreading positive energy of love, peace and conscience. In a traditional coffee shop in Safranbolu, Linda Acar, a yoga teacher, from Istanbul said she really wants to expand a cultural of love and peace as a result of bigger and more love. Hopefully the world is full of love. Sibel Kurt, a tourist, also said she hopes this love will spread to the whole world. Everyone is happy, has a conscience, and becomes a leader of conscience. She hope that the world can see people like FOWPAL delegates.

During the nine days FOWPAL stayed in Tukey, they visited five provinces to share the concept of love and peace with all walks of life and promote the Declaration of International Day of Conscience. A total of 188 people from 28 countries endorsed the declaration. Up to now, people from 176 countries have endorsed it. The declaration states, “Interdependent and interconnected, all world citizens are encouraged to face international and national crises with compassion, bravery, and genuine wisdom as they actively seek peace and harmony as well as multi-win plans to benefit Mother Earth and all people.”

Source: Federation of World Peace and Love